Friday, June 3, 2011

Helping hands and thoughtful minds

Having "travelled" through dark days filled with pain and despair, I am hugely thankful to all the helping hands and thoughtful minds I had the privilege to encounter.

Nurses and doctors in the hospital, my GP and staff at health centre, friends in cyberspace, neighbours, friends in the 'flesh' and the 'phone and letter writing' friends.

Thank you all. You know who you are.
Thank you all! XX
During this past month I also heard some good news from 'cyber-friends' about the support they received from the medical/community services, which will make a huge difference in the quality in their lives.
Here two of these events:

Di emailed this to me: 
I love the health department. I never thought I would say this- but who does --? I'm so excited   I saw a lovely OT today . she took one look at me and said ' okay ,we'll get you a power chair  with head and neck support etc etc and a back up manual one . I didn't have to convince her or argue or any such thing. and it comes at no cost through the health department . i love this country . even the way it is !

So I will  be mobile again as soon as it all gets organised .Rog will have to build a ramp  then i can get outside again!!! calloh callay ___ A  gardening bag on the back and i can spray the roses, water the tomatoes , talk to the cockateil,  take spotty the dog for a ' walk '- once she learns to go with the chair---  tell the cucumbers not to be whimps just because its frosty, and all sorts of exciting things ..even go for a 'walk ' with the boyswill even be able to get to the kitchen  to feed myself  and to the bathroom without collapsing  from the effort .
i hope you are excited for me-- The furniture is already cringing as it anticipates my learning to drive it -- and a few door jambs are in danger of a bump or six -- but I am rapt!! just had to share the news . love you di

Then I read this in Barry's Blog: Only Resting: One man's journey from 'normality' to chronic illness.

"Returning to the present, today I was visited by my existing Occupational Therapist and an OT and Physiotherapist from the Rehab team at the local council. My existing OT was delivering my new bath chair and the Rehab team were here to talk about how I can have a decent level of independence and keep my muscles from wasting away without risking crashes/relapses.
... I'm also going to get elbow crutches to try as they may allow me to be on my feet a bit more without being in danger of falling over! 

All of this has really lifted my spirits. I am delighted with how helpful and compassionate the therapists have been and I really feel like I have people on my side. I also feel like I have aspirational goals in terms of independence and getting some sort of quality of life back. It feels good to entertain the possibility of escaping these four walls."
For more about this blog post see here

These thoughts stayed in my mind since I read them. I am grateful that the physical problems people with ME encounter are taking serious. There is hope for us yet.

Love and health to you all.

As always it is so nice to know I have your company! 
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sue page said...

Hi Corina!

Great to hear people are getting some good news with their M.E. needs at least being met a little. What always impresses me enormously too is the true COURAGE with which these people face the ways in which they are having to alter the way they live.......they are receiving these practical aids with optimism, visions of a bigger world for themselves, and understanding of the benefits they will bring - not all humans could do that....only super humans in my opinion!!

Love to you my

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Sue,
You are so right about the courage to accept the aids to help improve ones life.
I remember clearly how I avoided looking at my wheelchair, and only took a spin in it in the dark.. It is hard when people laugh in your face when I'm on the scooter, but, A big BUT, if it wasn't for the mobility aids, I and many others like me will be stuck at home for ever.

Here's to the super humand amog us all! XX

Love to you and all my readers and supporters.