Friday, August 5, 2016

The 8th of August, Severe M.E. Day- for Understanding & Remembrance

© "Desperate"  Linda Crowhurst 

‘The Roll Call of the Dead’ 
See stonebird

The 8th of August 2016 will be the fourth annual Severe M.E. Day- for Understanding & Remembrance

This year The 25% ME Group are placing the spotlight on Remembrance. 
"However, sad to say, the life experiences of many of those who are no longer with us were marred by a terrible lack of understanding. So Remembrance highlights the need for Understanding – they go very much hand in hand."
We are immensely grateful to Jane Collingridge, mother of Emily Collingridge, and Criona Wilson, mother of Sophia Mirza, for sharing their reflections. Also to Kay Gilderdale, mother of Lynn, whose plea for appropriate care in the light of her daughter’s terrible experiences is posted prominently on our webpage for Severe M.E. Day 2016. This in the hope that this will help others. (This information was kindly forwarded to me by Helen Brownlie 25% Group Advocacy Worker. )

Although I have lived with this illness for 18 years, and have had many years of being mostly housebound, and at times bed boundthankfully I have never been this ill. I have been fortunate to was never totally bed bound or needed to be fed. I managed to stay some bit afloat, among many hospital stays along the way.  I slowly regained more independence over the years. I managed to write about my experiences and regained ability to be creative. 
I am grateful. 
Very grateful.

But there are many who remain so ill with this illness, that they truly portray the essence of living with a hidden illness.

Most us us who live with this illness, will know what I am talking about- Hidden illness. We are only out when we are well enough, so people assume that we are always this 'well'. And therefor the notion that 'it is all in out head' is confirmed by the skeptics.
Those people do not see the affects about our short adventures outside the door: the effects of being in a crowd; the effects of the heat of the sun; the smells in the air; the effects of noise. Most of these things can leave us drained for days, or weeks.

In my case, people see how I do my art and even publish books and have exhibitions. It is even been suggested that I am Very Fortunate to have so much time to create and to be out in my garden... 

Lost Voices 
All these creative adventures are produced twenty minutes at the time - at most about one hour on a whole day - On a Very Good Day. It took me a month to recover from the opening event of my last exhibition. But I am grateful to have this ability- especially when I know of others with this illness who never leave their beds or houses.
I hope that I can be some bit of a voice for them through my art and books.

Talking about Books- here is one with stories about those hidden from society because of M.E.. 'Lost Voices from a Hidden Illness’. I have a copy of it on my shelf. Please Buy one, and support this hidden community.

© Linda Crowhurst Nightmare Together
Through the 25% group and their effort to bring the experiences into the light, I came across the art of Linda Crowhurst . Who states about her work" I have chosen to use stick pictures to represent my body, because that is how ME makes me feel : thin and brittle, reduced and diminished to the bare minimum. They represent the starkness of my situation and how this paralysing illness has taken away so much of me."  

If you would like to read more about the people who live with Severe M.E. You can find featured articles for Severe M.E. Day 2016 HERE

The summer edition of the 25% ME Group newsletter is HERE, (which kindly hosts a review my Into the Light book too).

Thank you for your time to read this and for keeping these severly ill people in your minds on the 8th August, and every day.

With gratitude,


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Artworks at Carnegie Arts Centre, Kenmare, Co. Kerry

Here are a few of the sculptures and tapestries at my Full Circle Exhibition 
at the Carnegie Arts Centre during July 2016.

  • If you like purchase one of these pieces, please email the Carnegie Art Centre with:
    • FULL CIRCLE - ARTWORK ORDER in Email Subject.
    • Name of the sculpture or tapestry.
    • Include your email and phone details.
  • Payments are to be made to the Carnegie Arts Centre.
  • Please note that delivery of the artwork, and associated cost is not included in these prices. Arrangements have to be made with the Arts Centre. +353 (0)64 6648701

Other artworks, tapestries, books, postcards and prints 
are also available at the exhibition.
Some sculptures are available through Secret Auction See HERE

'Beach Bliss'16x10x18 cm €195
'Garden Poppy' Tapestry 11x15cm €100 
'Healing' 14x11.5 cm (plus frame) €200 

'Wisdom' 46x18x74 cm €1500
'Autumn Dance' Tapestry 23.5x16.5 (plus frame) €400

'Book Baby' 24x20x4cm €100
'Pulled From the Mud' 22x15x11cm €60
'Turning over a new Leaf' 24x7x6cm €50

See my Facebook page for images of the launch

With every best wish, and thank you for supporting my work and the running of the Carnegie Arts Centre, who will also benefit from artwork sales.

Secret Auction of Sculptures at the 'Full Circle' Exhibition in Kenmare, Co. Kerry

Most of my sculptures are created to help me understand a challenge,
or simply to fulfill a dream.

I need to have these sculptures around me for a while.
When the time is right to have them moving on,
it creates a physical and mental space for new adventures.
Selling also funds new works.

I decided to make some of the sculptures, 
currently on show at the Full Circle Exhibition 
at the Carnegie Arts Centre in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. 
available through SECRET AUCTION 
until 30th July 2016.

Works included in the auction see images below.

How the auction works:
  • If you're in Kenmare, please fill in the Secret Auction Card at the Art Centre.
  • If you like to bid online, please email the Carnegie Art Centre with:
    • SECRET AUCTION in Email Subject.
    • Name of the sculpture.
    • Place your bid over the price noted in brackets.
    • Include your contact details.
    • Your bid will be printed and added into the Auction Box.
  • After the 30st July the highest bidder for each of these sculptures will be notified.
  • Payments are to be made to the Carnegie Arts Centre.
  • Please note that delivery of the artwork, and associated cost is not included in your bid. Arrangements have to be made with the Arts Centre. +353 (0)64 6648701

'Aerial' 20x15x58cm. Price €345 (175)

'Into the Light' 110x30x55cm. Price €695 (350)
'Desire' 40x16x30cm. Price €345 (175)
'Out of the Box' 13x18x25cm. Price € 295 (150)

'Twenty Minute Bird' 30x21x44cm. Price €295 (150)

Other artworks, tapestries, books, postcards and prints 
are also available at the exhibition, but not through secret auction.
See here

See my Facebook page for images of the launch

Thank you for joining me on this adventure and helping me to fund new works!

With every Best wish to you.


Friday, June 24, 2016

Flower wisdom

This absolutely beautiful flower, a new edition to my garden (name escaped me, sorry) 
is a brilliant example to take your time to present yourself to the world ...

To realy make the most of when the sun shines 

... and to protect yourself when the conditions are not quite right.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bird entertainment

I am still a great lover of watching the birds outside my window.
This is a great tit and her young, feeding on the nut feeder, just a meter away from where I sat.

The following day the fledgeling was on the feeder on its own.

I realized that it has an injured- or malformed foot. It does not seem to be hampered by it.

An inspiration!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Full Circle Exhibition at Kenmare's Carnegie Arts Centre

My Full Circle Exhibition opens at the Carnegie Art Centre in Kenmare, Co. Kerry (Ireland) on the 1st July 2016. The works will be introduced by family members of Brushwood Studios.
It is a celebration and glimpse into my creative life during the experience of illness, which includes screening of some short documentaries.
The exhibition is open from Tuesday till Saturday for the month of July.

There are a few Fantasy Folk Artist Dolls from the era before illness changed my life in 1998.
My four books are available, Into the Light bookmarks and prints, a series of art postcards, and of course my sculptures and tapestries.

Some of the older sculptures are available through 'secret auction'. The highest bidder will be notified at the end of July. This way there is something for everybody, from a postcard for €1, books from €5, prints from €10, and sculptures from €50 upwards.

I hope you can join us in Kenmare!

Some background details, taken from the Full Circle Exhibition Brochure:


Corina Duyn trained and worked in her native Holland as palliative care nurse and social care worker. Her artistic career started with a move to Ireland in 1989. Her Fantasy Folk Artist Dolls are in private and corporate collections in Ireland, Europe and USA. A few of the Waterford Crystal Dolls (1998) are for sale at this exhibition.
From 1998 Corina embarked on a new creative journey, unwittingly mapping out an account of her experiences of living with chronic illness (M.E.) through words and art. Living life in the slow lane she became a great observer of her immediate natural surroundings, which became the way to express and explore her new life.

The early theme was the life cycle of a bird. Starting life afresh as the embryo in an egg -growing into an adult bird.  These first eight years are shared through images and very short observations in her first book Hatched. This story of a ‘new’ life was also beautifully documented in two documentaries Fit to Fly (David Begley) and the Flight Path (Katie Lincoln). Both documentaries are available for viewing during this exhibition. (And youtube channel flyingonlittlewings)

Corina’s other books are Cirrus Chronicles 2009, Flying on Little Wings 2011, and Into the Light book-in-a-box 2015, about which Author and Visionary Sister Stan expressed in a recent talk: “Into the Light is not just an ordinary book; it is a deeply spiritual, inspirational work. The story of challenges overcomes through courage, of fear overcome by hope, of darkness overcome by light. It makes for an extraordinary presentation.”

After reaching a new level of acceptance, Corina’s artwork changed to explore the experience of being more grounded and rooted. This acceptance was also the seed for Corina to attend a year of Disability Studies at UCC in 2012/13. This course greatly influenced her focus in life and art, and was the start of the Into the Light project, which was supported by the Rehab Group Visual and Performing Arts Fund 2014.
Managing her creative life by doing everything 20 minutes at a time, her current focus in her art is dance and movement. The first in this new departure was facilitating the Life Outside the Box Puppet Project, funded by Create/Arts Council Artist in the Community Scheme. This was an eight-month project with her fellow members at the Irish Wheelchair Association. The book and short video are included in the exhibition.
Her most recent sculpture (Birth Dance) and tapestry (Autumn Joy) are the centerpieces of this Full Circle exhibition. She hopes to explore this theme further through sculpture, tapestry, writing and animation and film. Her early love for the birds remain a feature in her work.

Funding for a new documentary about the power of nature, stillness and creativity to aid further healing will be sought in the very near future.

If you would like to hear about any further exhibitions, or books, please sign the mailing list, or connect via