Thursday, June 22, 2017

reuniting with my studio friends

Yesterday I made the tentavite steps back into my studio, to re- acquaint with the two little figures who are eager to make it out into the world.

These two are to feature in a Very Short animated video... whenever I get them finished, and filmed, and figure out How to actually make the video.

A project one year in the making already, and at this rate, might take another year.

All in it's own good time.

For now I am glad I made it back to my wonderful little cave, even for a few minutes.
I put some hair on the one with the hat, and added sleeves under her sweater.

Unfortuantelly, I am having some problems with her hands, so have to remake them again. (fourth time?) Eyes to be painted next, on a day when my hands are good and steady!

The sweater and hat were made by my granny for my Sindy doll, when I was about 10 years old. So, 45 years ago.
Dance of Life project
Dance of Life project
Dance of Life project
Dance of Life project
Dance of Life project

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The power of Meditation music

I start and finish each day
with listening to Meditation music

Free download from Sounds True

In the morning

I listen to Meditation Music from Sounds True during meditation,
during writing,
or if I wake up too early and still need some time to relax.

The music is FREE to download if you sign up to Sounds True, which has a store of other free downloads and an amazing array of books and CD's etc for healing, and learning.

It sets me up for the day.

Available from Sounds True

At night

When getting ready for bed, I listen to Self healing with Sound and Music; Revitalize Your Body & Mind with Proven Sound-Healing Tools by Andrew WeilKimba Arem

There are two CD's: in Session One, Dr. Weil discusses the latest in medical research that demonstrates how music heals the body and mind, while Kimba Arem teaches breathing and vocalization techniques for harnessing this potential. Session Two gives listeners just the music: a complete sound journey into expanded states of consciousness optimized for healing.

Some free videos on Youtube , and the CD, or download is available here.

I first found it in my local library years ago,and have listened to it almost daily. I have it downloaded onto an old iPod which is permanently in my bedroom.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Walking sticks or rolator

Yesterday I had a follow up meeting with the Community Physiotherapist after the hospital stay a month or so ago.
I was greeted with utmost respect and understanding. The assessment was detailed and lasted for over an hour. She gave me much credit for knowing my body well, and for being aware of the value of pacing etc. It really warms the heart to be listened to, and to have someone work with, to see if there is anyway I can improve my mobility and ability to some degree.

As we conducted the first part of a balance test, I kind of joked how I used to be a gymnast in my day. A reasonably good one. I even did some teaching for a few years. Good memories. Very good memories.
The physiotherapist said that the experience of being a gymnast probably helps me now with how to evaluate the workings (or non-workings) of my physical body. I know how to adjust my posture, although this does not come natural anymore.

Another discussion, after spotting a rolator in the gym, was about the use of mobility aids.
I have a parking lot full ...
From walking sticks, to a rolator, manual wheelchair and two mobility scooters (a small portable one, and a big sturdy one).
Corina Duyn standing on the beach with her walking sticks beside her brother and her wheelchair
After my steps into the sea in Texel,
with my brother Kees
As I want to build up my walking outside the house again, which I had resumed last autumn but collapsed back in February  I was wondering should I use the rolator in stead of my two sticks?

During a test, it proved that I walk with the same """speed""' (ha ha) with both, but that maybe the rolator, which has a little seat on it, will ease the stress of walking outside the door.
I can walk the same distance, but can sit down and enjoy the view, without the worry that I need to get home quick before my legs give up.

I like that.
It makes sense.

The reason I suppose I am more likely to use sticks v. rolator is a mental one.
With sticks I feel less disabled than using a rolator.
The same counts for a manual wheelchair verses a powered one.
My 'pimped' wheelchair versus a boring black one.
I feel less disabled ON my scooter, than IN my wheelchair.
Or being in wheelchair accessible taxi (seated in my wheelchair) than in the a transit with the HUGE letters Irish Wheelchair Association on it.

It is all just a tricks of the mind.

page from Into the Light by Corina Duyn with image and quote  IN a wheelchair, or ON a scooter
page from Into the Light. 
IN a wheelchair, or ON a scooter
pimped manual wheelchair with striped fabric and painted sides
my pimped wheelchair

Monday, June 19, 2017

Snail's pace

Nature is so incredibly beautiful

I spotted this snail in the raised bird bath
while dealing with the little bird 
 a few days ago.

It takes my breath away.

garden snail climbing out of a blue bird bath
Snail in the bird bath

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Back Garden Bliss

In yesterday's post I wrote about the clearing of my garden, with the help of Anne.
Here a few pictures of the lovely cleared, and again tranquil garden.
My deepest gratitude for this amazing kindness of time and friendship.

Anne who so kindly helped me to clear my back garden of weeds.
I can now See the garden again,
and have clear paths.

Foxglove standing proud

The wonders called Poppies.
Never tired of looking at them.
Free path to my studio
... and free path to my herb garden
my beloved greenhouse
and Tranquil setting of Buddha, Maple and water feature
side of studio, with Hypericum shrub,
which will, after flowering be transplanted to Anne's Garden
Jasmin, just outside my studio door

Sally overseeing the cleared garden
on the steps of my studio
view from the studio

  • Another follow up from Yesterday's post consists of two podcasts about dealing with M.E. and ongoing research. See HERE

Two M.E. research podcasts

In light of yesterday's post.

I watched/listened to this interview yesterday:  Dr. Myhill: Why Mitochondria are the Real Cause of Fatigue. 

Very interesting, although I could not follow all of it. It has a huge amount of medical information, but also suggestions on nutritional and mineral supplements, diet and good quality sleep. Probably need to listen a few times, or buy the book: It’s Mitochondria, Not Hypochondria.

She finished with the thought that, yes, it is important to put the 'right fuel' in your body, but if you constantly overdo it, there is little hope of recovery. 

We ALL have to pace our activities (ill or not), but particular important for people living with M.E.
You are never going to get well if you keep overdoing it...

Ah, I am sure we all know...


That will keep you busy for the Sunday, or for the week.

Be well.