Friday, April 28, 2017

dreams and M.E.

Throughout the years of ME I must say I had some
Very entertaining 
and at times rather peculiar dreams

These are a few words 
from the early years- or nights

A page from Hatched

This is a page from Into the Light

In my dreams
I swim
climb mountains 
or am back at work

A life full of possibilities

I am confronted by 
obscure obstacles 
when negotiating
the road with my 

Which leaves me 
for a place to sleep 
at the moment of 


That was the kind of dream 
I had last night...
I was too tired going to bed, 
so lead a dubble life, 
and feel even more tired 
after awakening...

Thursday, April 27, 2017


In this world

This fast

I am full of

To be able to
a beautiful
in front of
my eyes

A world
that is 
my garden

Apple Blossom

Apple blossom
Bean sprout
I hope you can find yourself a patch of nature today.
Be well

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

We need to tell our story- revisited

Last year I wrote a story about M.E. 
About being sent to a psychiatrist.
About the Media.
About the frustration of incorrect reports.
About giving the wrong people airtime.

We need to tell OUR Story! 

As ME Awareness week 
and the Millions Missing Protest in Dublin 
on the 11th May is almost upon us,
 I decided to reshare this story. 


Sample page of "Into the Light" by Corina Duyn with image of heavy chain and words about not being believed to be ill
Sample page of "Into the Light" by Corina Duyn 
Sample page of "Into the Light" by Corina Duyn with mindmap of Disability Studies
Sample page of "Into the Light" by Corina Duyn 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

sorry, Cats again...

What do you do with an uninvited, four legged visitor
who presents himself into one's garden...
and has no intention on leaving anytime soon

A visitor
Yesterday, my Sally Girl (Cat) had a little verbal row with a cat on the other side of the wall.
Later on I saw whom she might have had this stand of with.
A young cat was sitting on the top of my neighbours shed and looked into my garden. Quite at ease.

The cat must have known that Mariela was here. Cats seem to write and advertise about her in the Lismore Cat Daily,  as any cat who either finds herself with unwanted pregnancy, is in need of a new home, or in need of medical care would find Mariela...

And so the new Cat story begins...

The cat was fed.
He was extremely hungry.
Mariela brought him to the vet as he has some sores on his skin.
He received medical attention and is scheduled for neutering.
Mariela is on a mission to stop the unwanted increase in the stray cat population in Lismore. And is very successful in this.

It is a lovely affectionate cat.
He wants to come in.
But I need to have a chat with myself,
                   and with Sally Cat first.

Do I want another cat?
I didn't even wanted Robert, or Sally... But I loved and love them both dearly.

But can I cope with two cats?
Do I want two cats?
Does Sally want a playmate?
Or is she perfectly happy with the arrangements she put in place to make my house her home?

What about my health?
What about the cat's health?
It is in need of care.
Can I give this?

little tom cat looking for a home
I felt guilty having this gorgeous little cat out during this very, very cold night.
I did make it a bed in the lean-to where my scooter is parked.
I found him there this morning.
He was very happy to see me.

little tom cat looking for a home
 I put photos of the cat on facebook.
I just made a poster for on my wall, and for the Vet's office.

Please, please. Find this little cat a loving, caring, home.
and preferably not mine...

Will keep you posted.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Snapshots: The Hatch - Het Luikje

a book about the challenges of life, but also about resilience, creativity, and joy. 
een boek over de uitdagingen van het leven, maar ook over veerkracht, creativiteit en vreugde.

With stories written by, and about Jan and Miep Duyn.

This memory was written by Kees Duyn

Page from Snapshots - edited by Corina Duyn
Page from Snapshots - edited by Corina Duyn


One early evening when Pa was playing with all his boys, Peter, Kees, Hans and little Joop. Running around from the living room to the kitchen back and forth, to do what ever dads do. While we were all running around, Pa ended up in the hallway of our small house and all four of us were inside the living room.
The hallway and living room was separated by a door without glass.  We quickly closed the door behind Pa to keep him in the hallway.  
Pa with all his power was trying to push the door open with no luck.  We pushed as hard at the door to keep Pa outside.
After a while we felt that Pa had given up and we all relaxed a bit.  But to our surprise we found Pa now also back in the living room helping to keep the door closed. We all looked over our shoulders and saw Pa’s hand on the door.
Pa, as big as he was managed to crawl to the tiny hatch between the kitchen and the living room.  How he got through there is still a miracle today.  Maybe Ma greased him with butter and helped pushed him through that small opening.


Op een avond speelde Pa met al zijn jongens, Peter, Kees, Hans en kleine Jopie. Rondrennen door de woonkamer naar de keuken heen en weer. Doen wat vaders doen. Terwijl we allemaal rond rende, belandde Pa in de hal van ons klein huisje, en wij vieren waren in de woonkamer.
De hal en de woonkamer was gescheiden door een deur zonder raam. We deden snel de deur dicht achter Pa, om hem in de gang te houden.
Pa met al zijn macht probeerde, zonder geluk, om de deur open te duwen. Wij duwde heel hard tegen de deur om Pa buiten te houden.
Na een tijdje leek het alsof Pa het had opgegeven en we ontspanden allemaal een beetje. Maar tot onze verbazing vonden we Pa nu ook terug in de woonkamer en hielp mee om de deur gesloten te houden.  We keken over onze schouders en zag Pa's hand op de deur.
Pa, zo groot als hij was, was geslaagd door het kleine doorgeefluik tussen de keuken en de woonkamer te kruipen. Hoe hij doorheen gekropen is, is nog steeds een vraag. Misschien had Ma hem ingevet hem met boter en duwde hem door die kleine opening.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Wall

I had hit The Wall, but with lots of help I climbed over it again.

There were many reactions to my post yesterday about dealing with non-believing-doctors, pain and the vulnerability of illness.

A big Thank you to friends who visited, spoke with me over the phone or via Skype, and all the well wishers via cyber-space.

Also I realized that the resilience embedded in me by my parents and grandparent (which I truly understood more because of the compiling of  Snapshots ) stood to me, once again.

Yesterday I was a lot more at ease and even got to help a tiny wee bit with putting Strawberry seedlings in pots.

Mariela dug up the strawberries plants I had wanted to remove from a small patch in my garden. It was too crowded...
Some plants are now in my greenhouse, others in pots outside.

I put a few of the seedlings in small pots. Mariela filled the pots with compost and watered them. For most of the time I was lazily 'luxuriating' on my greenhouse bench.
And had reached the point again that All is Well.

Strawberries on The Wall

The majority of the strawberry plants made it onto The Wall...
The wall doesn't sound the same anymore since a certain man from the US put a different meaning to the word Wall.... 
Anyway, my wall.
Strawberries and parsley, beans, and soon peas, tomato plants, and other bits and pieces are for sale from my wall. Mostly two pots for €1, unless it is a bigger plant...

It is a lovely way to share the bounty of a small garden. It also brings communication with passers by.

The shop keeper Sally
The shop keeper Sally

Parsley - on The Wall
Bean Seedlings on The Wall
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