Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Article in "thejournal.ie"

The day the article about my (mis)adventures with the scooter appeared in the Irish Times   I was asked by Michael from "thejournal.ie" to write a piece about living with a disability- with focus on day to day living.

I must say that I was really touched by the fact I was asked on the very day that I felt I was able to "get back to work" again after the months of not being well enough to really write.

Now it has been published I must admit to be "over the moon" with all the lengthy responses, "likes" and links to facebook pages and twitter accounts.

Thank you to all the readers (I saw that it already had over 1600 views), for your time to read my thoughts on living with a disability, to respond in such length and for the private messages emailed to me through my website.

lots of love to you all.

Maybe just maybe "we" have started the national day of disability awareness...

see the article on the journal website for comments, but as always, love! to read your thoughts here too!

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