Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving in!

For those of you who have followed the progress of my studio (The Garden Room) well...
as the walls are now painted, and I spend a few days varnishing the paneling, and painting of the window frame, I felt it was time to move in. I simply couldn't wait any longer! 
Some jobs remain to be done to finish the studio for real, but... I'm in!

The table, which I had planned to go by the window, simply looked 'out of place' there. 
Excitedly, I rang Jane to share the idea that had formulated in my brain... a window seat... made from an existing shelf unit. She brought it in; it looked promising, but needed a wider seat.... The following day we used floorboards-offcuts to do just that, and glued a layer of foam on top of it.
On Sunday, I made a few covers. The colourful one is tacked onto the seat and is allowed to get dirty with clay- paint- or whatever else will be used in the studio. 
The seat will double as a seat to work from and...
... a seat to relax on. The views of my garden are inspiring and restful.
After I finished making the covers, I rested on my new window seat, listened to music and felt HAPPY.

Robert is not quite sure about this new space.
He's not that great with change...


Björek said...

he's so skinny!!! While he's losing weight, Bilbo is finding it. He's become a real chunk over the past couple months! haha
Glad to see your studio is reaching its end and that you can move in! How exciting!

sue page said...

Oh wow Corina! This all looks brilliant! What a special space you are creating......I am sure Robert will adjust!xx

henneke said...

Hoi Corina, dat ziet er helemaal te gek uit joh.
snap heel goed dat je niet kan wachten om eindelijk in je nieuwe stulpje weer hele mooie dingen te bedenken en te maken. ik wens je ontzettend veel creativiteit en vooral ook heel veel plezier samen met Robert op dit mooie plekje. heel veel liefs van Henneke.