Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Penelope's weaving

Weaving bug continues... And I must say that I am enjoying it more and more. Can't wait to start the next one!
"Healing" Tapestry © Corina Duyn '12
12 x 14 cm
"Healing" took me about 5 weeks to weave. The first part, the blanket, went fast enough, but then I just wasn't happy with the rest of it. I wove part of the background, the hair, and started the face. Felt that the blanket should be higher up on the left... the shoulder needed to be bigger, the hair, for which I had used rope was to ridged... 

So, I took all that out again. 
A brave step, as I was worried that I accidentally cut the warp threads, (the long ones on which you weave). I thought that at this rate, I never get to finish this tapestry as I was taking out more than I was adding!

My ever knowledgeable weaving teacher pointed out that Penolope took out her weaving every night so she could wait for her husband... As I had no idea who Penelop was, she enlightened me: "Penelope wife of Odiseus of the Greek Iliad Mythology. When Odiseous left for his travels another man came to the Island where Penelope lived. He said he would  marry her when her weaving was finished... (to make a long story short)... she unwove most of what she did during the day in that way advancing slowly. Odiseus came back and reclaimed his wife and land. The moral of the story being that unweaving bring good things: a better tapestry to begin with!
(For more about Penolope see here )

So I began to weave again, and changed the background. For the hair I tried about 4 different yarns, wool, doll's hair until I finally felt that it was right. Of course Penelope's story stayed on my mind. Wondering what goodness will come my way when I finally finished the tapestry. A lovely Princess?

ps... As always it is lovely to know that you stopped by to read my musing and follow my creative adventures. It would make my day if you leave a comment... preferably here, on the blog...? 
Many thanks &
 Lots of love Corina


Jane Jermyn said...

Looks lovely!

Holy Way said...

This tapestry conveys such tenderness, beauty, gentle energy that it is truly healing just to look at it. Very beautiful. Very special indeed.x

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Jane and Greg

The weaving bug continues to take hold of me.
Although I am not weaving al the time, when i DO start, I can think of little else.

The image is healing. and do is the making.

Best wishes