Sunday, June 24, 2012

Going with the flow

Brudair © Corina Duyn '12
So much has happened...
First of all, a few months ago I turned 50, and it seems to be an onslaught on my health. Kind of funny, not haha funny, but don't 'they' say, "going over the hill"? Well it feels as if I climbed the hill and tumbled down with great speed into the ravine at the bottom.
Well, I am slowly crawling out of it.

One of my dreams was to make the long desired trip to Canada. I really thought I could do it, but as my energy is so incredibly precious at the moment, I had to acknowledge that I can't do it this year. I think the "I can, I can't" thoughts were taking energy as well.
On the same day that I really was ok with the not going, the "universe" or actually the arts officer, showed me again where my energy should go. And I know this, but I, just like anyone else, have dreams.... But I know that my energy should go into my creativity. "The only constant" as a friend pointed out.
The arts officer, offered me to submit my work for a group show before Christmas, and more excitedly, to have my own show, with an artist of my choosing.
solo fish © Corina Duyn
I glowed, for the rest of the week!
Still am! My work will be sharing the gallery space with Pascale de Coninck's weaving. I am so excited.

That week I also had to complete a commission, a Fairy Doll like Cirrus  The main character in the Cirrus Chronicles. I searched for months for a wooden animal puppet. I searched in vain.
Lying on the couch, after the exhibition news, I thought about the person where the commission was ordered for. One of the main thoughts were the need for a new sense of direction; living by the sea; interest in sewing. Slowly a fish sculpture came into my head. Over the next while the idea became a reality. A fabric fish. I would make a fabric fish!

Brudair © Corina Duyn '12
Over the coming days I played with fabric, rope, string, stuffing and came up with a way to place the fish on a stand.
I had so much fun!
And... this sculpture showed me Trust. Brudair (Irish name meaning Dream) sits so comfortably on the fish, he is not even holding on to the fin. He seems to Trust that wherever he is being led, it is fine.
The piece of driftwood, has a curve and it shows me Movement.
I was shown to go with the flow.

I was glad to be able to spend a few days in the company of Brudair and his Fish, before it was picked up to be given to its new owner.

Of course Robert needed to be in the picture!
Both seem at ease! Although not in agreement
which way to go!

Before I forget!!!
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