Sunday, April 7, 2013

Art that works

Dear All,

I read a quote years ago about making art, the writer referred to Art works, versus Art That Worked.
For me, the latter is very much the case.
My work works for me. It explains things to me, helps me on my path.  
Some pieces I need to have with me for a long time, other are ready  to 'fly the nest' soon after it has been created. It is the process that counts. Of course the final outcome is of importance too. And it is wonderful when work sells.

Having the opportunity to show the works at the Seeders exhibition (see previous posts) was wonderful. The sharing was the most powerful. People tell me stories about what the work does for them, sometimes very personal  stories told to me by complete strangers. This too is Art that Works.

I know for the galleries' sake I had to put a monetary value on the works to sell them, but although I am excited to have sold some work (one on the last day too), I would very much value to have the work in peoples houses, people who "gain" something from having a particular piece in their lives.

If you have this experience with any of the pieces in the show, or  seen on my blog page , please do get in touch  
and I am very willing to negotiate a price which would suit us both.  
Tell me your story...
(Some of the work has been sold, are maybe not yet available, or are already finding new homes, also, of course, it is first come, first serve...)

When I was at the gallery yesterday and looked at the remaining art work packed up in bubble wrap, and viewing the emptying walls, I realised that I am ready to start a new body of work, influenced by my recent studies, further awareness of disability and long term illness, the power of my garden, being in nature and having sold my car... A "back to basic" kind of state of mind.
I look forward to get started.

Best wishes to you all and thank you for your support along my way.


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