Friday, June 28, 2013

A dream come true

It was only yesterday that I finally made the tentative step into the world of blogging again and already received some lovely messages via mail, blog and mobile. Thank you all.

Here the first of the promised adventures: The transformation from pollytunnel to greenhouse
What it was...
... and what it became
I feel so privileged  to have this greenhouse which is worthy of to be called a conservatory. I couldn’t believe it when brother Joop (builder of my studio) and co. (son Adrian and our music-brother Hans from Holland) unpacked the van and I saw this amazing building going up. The big widows were donated by taxi driver Austin who brought me to college every week. The other windows and door Joop had in his workshop. The design was dictated by the windows and available space. I can now look through the greenhouse into my garden.
So happy!!!
Thank you Jane, Joop, Adrian, Hans.
I had a "self-watering tunnel" which I had started to call my "Cello tunnel"
as in tunnel held together with cello tape. 
Jane helped me to dismantle the tunnel 
I started to realise that my dream of having a greenhouse was coming real, but also the very long held dream of a conservatory became a reality. An unexpected reality.

Brothers Duyn and son

The work bench from the tunnel was just not up to the standard of the new building, so it was chopped up! And the old settle (bench which was outside and I like to sleep on) was put in, through the then window less window frame. The door is too narrow, so the settle is there to stay!

Jane helped to protect the wood against the elements. Throughout the whole process of dismantling the tunnel and building and sorting out the greenhouse, the sun had been shining for a full 12 days. Some days it was over 35 degrees in there!

many a nap taken in this wonderful space.

Tomatoes, peas, beans, chilly peppers, courgette, basil etc.
strawberries, are growing happily in the greenhouse

As always it is lovely to know that you stopped by to read my musing and follow my creative adventures. It would make my day if you leave a comment... Many thanks & Lots of love Corina


Anonymous said...

picked up Flying On Little Wings in Dungarvan yesterday, love it hope the sun is shining for you many thanks. Molly

John said...

Oh isnt that lovely :) You're own little horticultural kingdom.

You deserve it after all your hard work at College and the trials and tribulations of past months.

(*) xxx

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you both for stopping by and for your lovely comments.