Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garden visitors

I enjoy visitors  to my garden, some more than others it might be said...

On Saturday just after a lovely nap in my garden, I heard the doorbell ring. 
A lady walking "Lady Louisa's walk"which runs along my house, saw the small wooden block on my wall with the notice that there are art and books for sale here, and decided to enquire.
She went away with a copy of the Cirrus Chronicles which is a fairy tale set in along the path she just walked, after exploring my garden and visited my studio.
How lovely to meet people in your own home. She brightened up my day.
Yesterday I met a young lady who recently moved into my area, and later that day she came to my house to buy a copy of Flying on Little Wings  and promised to be back over the coming weeks for my other two books.

Today I received a Thank You note in the post from the lady who was here on Saturday. 
You know, it is this little acts of kindness that really matter in life. 

Visitors also arrive in other forms- like through a package in the post with gifts to celebrate my new greenhouse, from a dear friend, cyber-friend as we have never yet met in person, who was so delighted with the new addition to my house and life.
A big thank you to you all for being part of my life, in subtle but amazingly powerful ways.

Yet other visitors, well they need a little more kindness from my part to welcome to my garden... Caterpillars. In saying that, I actually think they are creating their own bit of magic to the garden. Body sculptures in a way. Look how they become part of the leaf. I think it is kind of beautiful.
The skeleton that they leave behind is pretty to! They settled on this small tree/shrub (of which I do not know the name but was assured by gardener friend that it is a weed) after they had devoured all the leaves on the red current bush, but in an act of kindness (or just dislike) they had left the berries for me to eat.We all have our own taste I suppose!

ps... As always it is lovely to know that you stopped by to read my musing and follow my creative adventures. It would make my day if you leave a comment...
 Many thanks & Lots of love Corina

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