Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Documentary with a difference

Last Monday night RTE showed a beautiful, though provoking, gentle yet mind opening documentary about the romantic lives and experiences of people with disabilities, created by Wildfire Films.

The documentary follows a group of people with learning difficulties involved in the theatre group Blue Teapot tackling the issues they encounter. Also, people with physical disabilities are interviewed in this remarkably open and frank program. A married couple, both living cerebral palsy tell us that they were asked 'what were they thinking' by becoming pregnant. The young mother was worried to bond with her baby daughter out of fear that the health board would take her baby away, although they are more than capable to look after their child. Heart breaking. They were also asked, 'how do you actually do it...' Who else is being asked how they conceive a child...?
Living with an enquired disability brings up other issues and challenges.

Please do watch it, it is available on the RTE Player page for another 20 days or so. I can not imagine that it will not open your mind about these issues and issues about disability in general.

Link to the documentary Somebody to love documentary

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hayleyeszti said...

I saw a similar documentary on the BBC and loved it and everything it represented!

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Hayley, I think I know the documentary you mention. I am sorry that the Irish documentary was not available to anyone outside of Ireland. Hopefully in time it will be availalbe to a larger audience.
best wishes and thanks for stopping by.