Monday, April 7, 2014

Dechen Shying, a place of extraordinary generosity

I had heard about the Dechen Shying Care Centre  in West Cork from several friends. I had looked at the website many many times since. In March I finally made plans to visit, to stay for a week and  find my "balance" again.
Am I glad I did!
Dechen Shying, means Heaven of the Great Bliss in Tibetan. Their website states that Dechen Shying is a unique place in an area of unspoilt natural beauty in West Cork in Ireland. We aim to serve people from all walks of life facing life challenges, such as ill health, disability, life-limiting illness, or a bereavement or loss, as well as families, carers and supporters.

What I found was a place of extraordinary beauty and generosity. For starters, please watch the VERY short video I took from outside the conservatory of room 1. It finishes with a view of the circular mediation room, with floor to ceiling windows overlooking these glorious view.  

Dechen Shying from Corina Duyn on Vimeo.

I had come to find peace again. Peace with the deterioration of my health.  
I found an awful lot more.

Sinking © Corina Duyn 2014
For the past few months I had the feeling I  had sunk into a very rough place, and had found it much more difficult to find a way out again.  Although I obviously have dealt with challenges of relapses before, I somehow seem to have lost the ability to see beyond it this time round.  As one friend stated in an email, " I know you will make it fuel for your creativity whether you like it or not".
Of course she was right.
Initially an image of a figure rising out of a rock came to mind. But while at Dechen Shying, I realised there were images proceeding this re-emerging. One of sinking into the stone, one of a hand reaching out catching the light again and drawing it into the darkness.
Reaching for the Light © Corina Duyn 2014

Throughout the week, I worked a few minutes at the time on my sculptures in my beloved conservatory.
conservatory Dechen Shying 

Sculptures (all my art) arise from a very deep part of me. It possibly brings to fore what I can not express in words.  Creativity, became once again a big part of my life.
A great deal of this realisation was rekindled by the loving staff and fellow guests, for which I am immensely grateful. Thank you all, from the deepest part of my being.

I had lost my way. I had lost trust in my own abilities. They help me find it again.
...can one fall in love with a chair? I did.
Throughout the week I rested, meditated, contemplated, reflected, cried, laughed, slept, ate, wrote, talked with fellow guests and staff, and just looked out the window at these glorious views.

Dechen Shying is a place where you can do all that. It is a place to rejuvenate, to take time to evaluate where you're at, with the background support of the staff.

Twice a day there are guided mediation's, which I joined when I could. Provisions were made to make sure I was comfortable. Also one of the spiritual guidance staff was available to me to talk with during the stay. Not a counsellor, but a loving, listening understanding ear.
I had landed in heaven, at the edge of Ireland.

one morning's sun rise
 Not all the realisations were as easy as the creative one.  I realised I need to ask for more practical help, that I am not able to look after my own needs as I was before.  I realised I needed my mobility scooter to get around the building, which by the way is fully wheelchair accessible, as I could not trust my legs.
Acceptance.  That big word. Acceptance.
How many times do we have to enter this uneasy space...?
(I am in the process to obtain support... but that is a story in itself.)

Creativity is my way to combat the challenges. I accept that!
I very much enjoyed working on my sculptures, which I left in the collection of the Centre. I called them "Work in Progress" as they are not really finished, but neither is my journey of re-emerging.

"Work in Progress" in collection of Dechen Shying © Corina Duyn 2014

Re-emerging © Corina Duyn 2014 
Re-emerging, and taking with me the wisdom and strength from the earth, from the rock. I am one with the earth.

One of my other hopes was to really get started on my writing of "Into the Light". I brought a few of  the now cut up sheets with me, and placed them around me. And hung them in the shrubs, like the Tibetan prayer flags...!

my writing sheets as prayer flags
prayer flags outsude Dechen Shying
I did a tiny bit of work on the book, but enough to bring back the confidence that this is what I need to do. Again, the support from people around me helped me see this.

I have the fortune to be able to go back there in August, supported by a bursary from the centre.

This truly a remarkable place, and I for one am forever grateful I made the decision to go there.
Explore it here: Dechen Shying Care Centre and go and see for yourself if you can.
It is great for small groups too.

If you like to hear more, or have some questions, please email me, or leave a comment on the blog.

Best wishes to you all

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Sue Page said...

So proud of you my friend, and so pleased this place and the time there gave you so much.xx

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you so much Sue.
I am so grateful to have found this wonderful place.
Be good!