Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New life in my garden

Glorious Spring.

(although the past few days it is more like winter...)

I enjoy watching new life sprouting up in my greenhouse. Lettuces, tomatoes, beans...
Various birds building nest in the nest boxes and in the wall.
Dandelion seeds. I know. Regarded as a weed. But look at the beauty!
The delicateness of the apple blossom...

Here just a few snapshots from the past few weeks.

Some of these images will be illustrations in Into the Light. My Artist Book in the making.

French Bean sprouting © Corina Duyn 2015

Blue tit gathering twigs for it's nest, a box in my garden. © Corina Duyn 2015
Dandelion seeds, look at the free floating one at the bottom! © Corina Duyn 2015

Apple Blossom © Corina Duyn 2015

Apple Blossom © Corina Duyn 2015

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