Sunday, September 13, 2015

Book launch of Into the Light with Michael Harding as guest speaker

Corina Duyn & Michael Harding at Dzogchen Beara Care Centre-
Book launch of Into the Light

Well, What can I say...
The first book launch was really a week long event. Everybody who was there was in some way involved in the preparation of the book launch.  Guests and staff alike. It was truly extraordinary.  Boxes were assembled, dinners were cooked,  layout for the launch were discussed and planned, breakfast was made, books were admired and purchased days before the actual launch.My deepest gratitude to everybody involved.I could not have done this launch without this support.

We had a private 'ceremony' in the conservatory of room 4 of the Care Centre, where the book in its present format came into being, just over a year ago. I had the honour to share this with John,  the spiritual care staff I have shared many hours talking with over the past year. With Mary and Karin of the Care Centre, and with Peter Cornish who was the brains behind Dzogchen Beara all those years ago. See here for his story 

The day of the launch started with the most amazing light flooding the ocean. It seemed the sunniest day of the year.  During the morning meditation I was thinking how I decided on the title Into the Light at least 2 years ago, as if I knew that when I would launch the book, there would be this extraordinary light. Mother Nature- so much present in my book, was doing her bit on launch day!
"prayer flags" book pages
Book Launch  at Dzogchen Beara Care Centre
Juliana and Tony at Dzogchen Beara Care Centre

Corina Duyn and Peter Cornish at Dzogchen Beara Care Centre-
Juliana played the violin when people came into the Centre for the launch.  Malcolm from Dzogchen beara opened the event with an informative talk about the Care Centre and introduced Michael Harding, the guest speaker for the event.

 Michael Harding at Dzogchen Beara Care Centre

Michael said it was a real honour to be here. He told some stories about meditation -  looking cross eyed -  having a tendency to not succeed at anything but is very good at being himself.Looking at the book pages pages hanging like prayer flag in the hallway –  he said how I used my art to enter into those spaces of unease, to enter into those spaces where you feel isolated in yourself, to feel all those terrible things illness brings forth. Quoting Susan Sontag he reminded us that we are all human, we are all going to be ill and going to die... 

"The words in this book - Into the Light- are from the heart. They are realisations- rather than ideas.They are a beautiful kind of resource. It is beautiful and extraordinary… The artist used her illness - something that happened to her - to go deeper, querying the joys of being alive. The words and images tell us not to be afraidIt is beautiful here too. And that is an amazing thing. So thank you for that.”

I had to follow this wonderful talk which provoked laughter and contemplation.Thank goodness Michael suggested for Juliana to play a little more music. It gave me the chance to compose myself. I told a little about how Dzogchen Beara and the care centre were an important factor in how the book became a book in a box. Inspired by the prayer flags, the people I met, the reality of my challenging health at the time.  "The final presentation of a creative project about the people would in time. Influenced by circumstance, people, media, and location. Change these elements and the outcome is different." I thanked all the people who were involved in bringing this project to its completion, including the generous funding from Rehab and read a few of my pages, with a little explanation of the thoughts behind the words.
Corina Duyn and Michael Harding at Dzogchen Beara Care Centre- Into the Light Book Launch
small exhibition during book launch at Dzogchen Beara Care Centre-
with few sculptures and tapestries

It was a truly memorable event. 
One filled with beauty and kindness.

The next launch is scheduled for Thursday 24 September at Lismore Library, West Street, Lismore, Co Waterford at 7 PM with the guest speaker Padraig Naughton, Director of Arts and Disability Ireland.
All Welcome!!

I will also be selling my book during Culture Night, 18th September in Waterford City, upstairs at Greyfriars.

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