Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Secret Auction of Sculptures at the 'Full Circle' Exhibition in Kenmare, Co. Kerry

Most of my sculptures are created to help me understand a challenge,
or simply to fulfill a dream.

I need to have these sculptures around me for a while.
When the time is right to have them moving on,
it creates a physical and mental space for new adventures.
Selling also funds new works.

I decided to make some of the sculptures, 
currently on show at the Full Circle Exhibition 
at the Carnegie Arts Centre in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. 
available through SECRET AUCTION 
until 30th July 2016.

Works included in the auction see images below.

How the auction works:
  • If you're in Kenmare, please fill in the Secret Auction Card at the Art Centre.
  • If you like to bid online, please email the Carnegie Art Centre with:
    • SECRET AUCTION in Email Subject.
    • Name of the sculpture.
    • Place your bid over the price noted in brackets.
    • Include your contact details.
    • Your bid will be printed and added into the Auction Box.
  • After the 30st July the highest bidder for each of these sculptures will be notified.
  • Payments are to be made to the Carnegie Arts Centre.
  • Please note that delivery of the artwork, and associated cost is not included in your bid. Arrangements have to be made with the Arts Centre. +353 (0)64 6648701

'Aerial' 20x15x58cm. Price €345 (175)

'Into the Light' 110x30x55cm. Price €695 (350)
'Desire' 40x16x30cm. Price €345 (175)
'Out of the Box' 13x18x25cm. Price € 295 (150)

'Twenty Minute Bird' 30x21x44cm. Price €295 (150)

Other artworks, tapestries, books, postcards and prints 
are also available at the exhibition, but not through secret auction.
See here

See my Facebook page for images of the launch

Thank you for joining me on this adventure and helping me to fund new works!

With every Best wish to you.


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