Saturday, August 19, 2017

M.E. (ME/CFS) and the fight for rights

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 This account by Dr. Myhill almost made me cry.

I have been subjected to the CBT/ Graded Exercise proposition during hospital stays, and appointments, but avoided having to actually undergoing this "treatment" See my story HERE

 The "all in your head" scenario still prevails... Prescriptions for anti-depressants are still being given... But the fight for our rights and doctors rights have taken a new step.

 This short (6.40 min) but powerful video is a great explanation of how hard people with M.E have to fight to get treatment, and to be able to avail of the right support. But also how some practitioners have to fight to be able give treatments. I did not know that many doctors have been struck of the medical councils as they have treated people with M.E.

 Dr. Myhill tells in short about the very flawed and fraudulent data of the now notorious PACE trial carried out in 2011. How the findings of this government funded trial concluded that CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Graded exercises were the only way people with ME/CFS would "recover".

The trail has now finally been taken apart. It has been a long battle.
Dr Myhill  is now hoping to get MPs to sign up to MAIMES - Medical Abuse in ME Sufferers - to demand a Public Inquiry into the abuse of ME sufferers over the last few decades.

 PS. have not met this doctor, but know of others who have been treated by her. 
Her videos and talks are very much to the point. No nonsense 

 Watch the video Here :

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