Thursday, October 26, 2017

My heart leaps when I think of these incredible creative moments.

Once a week, my studio is alive.
More alive than it has ever been since it was build six years ago.
I get there when I can, 
but since I started teaching...

There is laughter.
There is chat.
Creative Silence.
And wonder.

So much wonder.

I watch in awe as the puppet characters come to live 
from a piece of clay, 
through the hands of their makers.

I know this is not always an easy process.
It requires patience.
And trust.

Trust to let the creative process happen.
To let the puppet arrive, 
not always as the maker had anticipated.

The key is to let it happen.

Such joy when it DOES happen.

My heart leaps when I think of these incredible moments.

Here a brief introduction to the makers and their puppet heads in progress:
Pascale De Coninck, Jackie Flynn, Louise Clarke in my studio, 
and Greg Crowhurst via distant learning. 
(Who also joins us when possibly via video link during the Monday class)

The studio-students are almost ready to paint their puppets.
The heads are made, the hands are almost finished. 
The bodies are being assembled. 
The clothing designs discussed and fabric gathered.





The three studio-students keep on working, 
when I retreat to my house to rest. 
But I relish in seeing them through the window.
And hear the sounds.

My studio is a happy place.

Thank you all!

*I was recently interviews by Stephen from Puppet Place in Bristol- 
on how I came to be a puppet maker, and teacher.
See this link: Puppets And M.E.

* If you like to book a class...

  • The next class of three students is fully booked.
  • But I am taking bookings for 8 week studio-based-class starting in March 2018.
  • Or if you like to do a distant learning course, that can start any time. I supply most of the materials, step by step guidelines, as well as several online tutorials. 
  • Have a group project in mind?
  • For further details on all these options, please contact me.


Holy Way said...

That is lovely Corina! I feel so proud to be part of the magical and wonderful process. Thank you!

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks Greg, it is great to have you part of this adventure