Friday, August 9, 2019

Garden make-over to create accessible garden

Garden makeover

A few images of the Before - and After of my garden transformation.
Trust me - there was an awful lot of 'in-between'

Must say, I am proud to have orchestrated this change and am very grateful for ALL the help received. Too many to mention all here, but you know who you are. My deepest gratitude.

I spend hours looking at images, making a scaled plan, designing layout and the corner seat. I watched garden programs on Netflix when I got frustrated that I couldn't actually do the work myself. The future (possible) need for wheelchair ramps from backdoor and into studio have been taken into account in my design.
A lot of materials, slabs from the garden, paint, plants etc were re-used, or moved.

A few more things to finish, like painting the house, some other walls to finish painting, cushion for seat etc. but my goodness, what a beautiful peaceful garden is has become. 
I can now go safely and easily around my garden on foot or in my wheelchair. There is a lot less actual gardening to do, and much more time to just rest and watch and listen to the birds.

spring 2019

(spring photo of a few years ago)

Trilled with ALL the help 

what it became,  summer 2019

Studio painted with a green 'wash' (left over bedroom paint)

My once very much beloved greenhouse had to go too. A big decision, but the space it created is just wonderful. It has gone to another good home.


Shed wall is a lot more pleasing on the eye too!

The icing on the cake - a wonderful corner seat where the bins used to be. Created by Joop and Adrian Duyn

view from my corner seat - and 'boardwalk'

 Even the garden entrance at side of house had a face lift. Amazing what can be achieved with a 'bit' of creative thinking, wood, bamboo and a pot of paint.



Char | said...

It looks lovely! I'm so glad you had so much help to turn your garden into an oasis for you.

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you.

Slow, slow reply.

I love my garden and look forward to spendig time in it this year now all is done (well, a garden is never done.. )

Be well