Friday, August 7, 2020

Interpreting the art of Corina Duyn

Over the past few months I had the fortune to have my creative work interpreted by fellow artists, writers, and a musician: Michael Harding, Nuala O’Conner, Sister Stanislaus Kennedy,  Emma Windsor and Jeroen Niesten. As well having my work highlighted in an 'Meet the Artist’ interview on Arts & Disability Ireland, and Instagram takeover of their page.

One of my Shadow images reflecting on Life with M.E.

It is a true honour to have others share their vision on my work related to M.E. Aside from this I am also being asked to give talks about my work - Like in Chile in May and for an international course in July, and also privately via Zoom. Through all of this I remain part of the outside world, while rarely making an actual appearance outside my gate.

Thank you all.

* Reflections on ME through Puppetry:

Image of podcast

In February I had a long Skype conversation with Emma Windsor from Puppet Place in Bristol about my work on ‘Invisible Octopus’.  Due to Covid-19 the resulting podcast didn’t come about until May. 

Around the same time Arts & Disability Ireland invited me to showcase my work on their website under the ‘Meet the Artist’ series.  They also invited me to take over their Instagram account for 3 days - 12 posts to share my work, and thoughts behind it.

A friend from my primary school in Holland, Jeroen Niesten created a piece of guitar music to an abstract of my edited ‘Invisible Octopus’ Poem. He sang my words. Oh my goodness.

  • Click HERE for the (25 minute) podcast created by Emma Windsor of Puppet Place.

  • See HERE to read the ‘Meet the Artist’ Profile on Arts & Disability Ireland
  • See HERE , and the following 12 posts on Arts & Disability Instagram page
  • See HERE for the music and voice by Jeroen Niesten (1.5 min) ‘Short Flight’ with my lyrics and shadow images.

12 posts on Arts & Disability Instagram page
Artist takeover

Shadow image by Corina Duyn
Attacked by ‘Invisible Octopus’
Still from video Image ©  Corina Duyn 2020

* Reflections on ME through poetry

As part of this year’s ME Awareness Day in May, organised by ME Advocates Ireland  which for obvious reasons can only proceed online, weI asked three Irish writers to reflect on my poems from Into the Light  

Michael Harding, Sr.Stan and Nuala O’Connor reflected on my writing and life life with M.E., the Covid-19 situation and hoping to ‘not be left behind’ after life turns to some normality for the majority of people.

  • Click HERE for a short  5 minute compilation video with contributions by Michael Harding, Sr. Stan and Nuala O’Connor.
    • For individual recording, please see links below the images

Michael Harding on ME Awareness Day

Writer and Poet Nuala O’Connor

Click HERE for some very thoughtful reflections on ME and Corina’s poetry by visionary, 
and author Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy (Sr. Stan)

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