Friday, August 6, 2021

Change, acceptance and new creative opportunities

Big decisions followed by acceptance allow me to move forward. Again.

Maybe I will start working on my photo album cover again too…

After too many physical/mental challenges to create the video presentation for Cork Puppetry Festival, attend (briefly) 2 zoom meetings (Cork, and Chile), and being encouraged to be more part of the community here, I had to concede that I need to be much more in tune, respected, and clear in what I can and can no longer do. Unfortunately a lot less…

I will have to listen much better to what my body needs. And put expectations aside. My own, and from others.

Creatively I have made the decision that I will no longer do any online events. The physical collapses were just too scary to justify any further involvement in them.

However it was utterly beautiful and a huge honour to share my work, my stories, and to communicate with some amazing people over the years. 

I do realise that anyone who wants to hear, read, see my work, there is enough material out there. Over time I intend to create a list of links to talks, podcast, videos etc. and share it on my blog. (For now, there is lots on my website and blog, including links to videos and podcasts) Maybe I’ll extend last week’s video, but certainly not yet!

As always, when decision are made, and I fully accept them, in this case to withdraw from public online engagements, a beautiful opportunity arose.

In stead of giving I will be receiving. The universe as always heard me, and supported me.

Request for Assistance

Months ago I put a request in for Personal Assistance (PA) through Disability Services, in order to be able to explore life a little more outside my room, as well as receive support creatively. The application is in…. And as before, that is where it stayed. (Probably when it is granted, it is too late to be able to explore the world outside my room…)

Anyway. To find a way ‘out’ in the meantime, I put out a call in a private group of artist - and in a subsequent beautiful turn of  events I have very gratefully accepted one to one support through Waterford Healing Arts Trust. (WHAT)

My first contacts with WHAT was the invitation to give a talk in 2004

From next Thursday I will be collaborating with artist Caroline Schofield to see what and where and how my current abilities fit to continue to use my creative mind. As we talked on the phone yesterday we both acknowledged that this isn’t just me getting support, but it is very much a process for both of us. Hence using the word collaboration. 

I think this contact will also help me to start working on the embroidered tree again (See first image and here ) and other unfinished projects.

I now need to be horizontal a great deal of the time. Communicating is now only possible if I lay flat. This will also be the case for creative work. I imagine.

Initially there will be three sessions with Caroline. No idea what will happen, but after a phone call yesterday with the artist the Tree, and my Tree House will be central to our collaboration.

It has been a tough learning process. Again!

Time to rest, rest, rest, and then play.

Be well and much love.

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