Friday, March 18, 2011


During my successful trip to Holland, there was many a time I had blog posts in my head. As you see, these thoughts never made it out of my head and onto the blog... When I came home, I had great plans to rectify this... once home, a different life started again. Having been away is almost as distant a memory as I felt when I landed in Holland a few weeks ago.
Maybe it is just a 'thing' of being in the present? Which I have been told is a good thing!

Once home, my garden wanted attention, and during the few days of sunshine I surely made the most of being outside. The hard part is that it is sooooo hard to stop clearing after half hour of doing so. Reality of M.E. is ever present... not the kind of present I like...
Isn't there always a But?

I have to acknowledge that M.E. has given me lots! In the past few days I have been rewarded for the creativity it has brought me.

My latest book Flying on Little Wings has received lovely heart warming comments. The handmade version made people 'cry' and provoked thoughts like these:

 ‘Gentle and wise, the simple reassurance of nature breathing from every page.  (Spark Deeley Artist and writer)

‘Stunning photographs and thought provoking words. It can be read many times to entertain, sustain, and help keep belief in things improving..’ (Sue Page)

'Precious'  (Dolores Ronayne)
Then on Wednesday I received a lovely letter from Iris Poet Brendan Kennelly congratulation me on the printed version of this book: ‘A stunning artistic achievement. It will bring joy and admiration into many hearts and minds.’

The book was created during a challenging spell with the illness, and I can only be grateful for what it has brought me. If you like your own copy, click on the "Buy now" button. The printed books costs only €4.99, the handmade one €25 

Book options (inlc postage)

On Wednesday I also received a letter from the Irish Wheelchair Associated (IWA) that my sculpture 'Naked Thruth' was the overall winner in the 'carft' section (anything in 3D) in their National Art and Craft Competition.
"While conducting a dialogue with the illness M.E., through words and art, I also examined my relationship with the wheelchair. 'Naked Thruth' is one of the most poignant sculptures I have ever created. Working on this image, I really had to look at my body and pared it down to the basics. Body- wheels- and still being left with the feeling of restricted movement.

 The sculpture is made out of airdrying clay- wire- plastic Barbie-doll bicycle wheels - gravel and varnish."

The piece will be part of the IWA Exhibition which will probably be in May of this year. I will keep you posted.

Gratitude abound!

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