Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love hurts

About a year ago I fell in love with Polly- My pollytunnel ( a plastic version of a greenhouse..) Polly was my friend- and still is! Then around Christmas my love turned to Oisin... He is "hot" as "hot" as Polly!
Oisin was the best gift anyone could have wished for. For the first time since living in this house, I was able to stay warm...

But love hurts- Last night while I brought a bag of recycling material to the corner I noticed that the smoke from my chimney was very black and furious. Suspecting a chimney fire, I "ran" home and closed the damper on Oisin- my beloved stove

Although I can't remember the exact sequins of events, at some point I opened the door of the stove and was greeted by a huge fire inside the stove- and more worryingly, flames bellowing out towards me.
Later when I couldn't see flames in the stove I opened the door again. Wrong thing to do. There  was an almighty loud bang- an explosion almost. I "ran"  outside and called 999. 

The fire brigade came and brought the stove outside- fire still burning inside it- smoke bellowing out from the back of it- flooding my kitchen with coal dust- everywhere. All I could think of was that I was safe- I didn't care about the state of my house. Was glad I still had a house!

They cleaned the chimney from the top and the bottom, cleaned out the stove- outside in the garden, checked the attic and weren't sure what had caused the loud bang (might have been the sheet of aluminium that was behind the stove being sucked in again...)
Fire crew were lovely, they checked and checked again, and only left when they felt that all was safe again. 
My house is dirty.... Black dust everywhere. 
I left the livingroom-kitchen as it was, swept the dirt in the hallway as to not bring too much of this black stuff into my bedroom- had a bath and watched movie in bed as I couldn't sit anywhere in the living room. Horrible dry-dusty air, and black couch etc.

Had a hard time sleeping as every time I dozed off I could see that huge fire and heard the loud bang.
Jane is coming this afternoon to help me clean. For now I just have the windows open and staying out of the living room.

It was scary. The fire officer is going to get in touch with the council and get them to put in the flue pipe. Also when they were up on the attic they were horrified to see that the spotlights that are in my kitchen ceiling, and need air in the attic so as not to overheat, were covered with a thick layer of insulation.... a big fire hazard.

What a night. But I am grateful to all whom were here to sort out the problem and for my neighbour Margaret to checkup on me if I was ok; Spark for listening to my tale of woo, and Jane for coming to help me clean.

Spring clean with a difference!


bernadette said...

Corina I finally opened and read through Irish ME/CFS Spring Newsletter last night.I had been busy with family stuff over the past few weeks. And I finished my shift 'manning' the Association help-line on Sun night. So now to some 'me-time' I thought!!!!
I don't spend a lot of time reading or swamping myself in ME/CFS issues any more. The way ME/CFS found and took up residence in my body. We have learned to co-exist reasonably successfully!! But I don't necessarily seek out or follow ME/CFS's constant little reminders and 'shoulder-taps'!!! But Corina, I so, so loved reading 'flying on little wings' in the newsletter. And today I looked you up and found you here. I am so delighted. Delighted to find an 'arty-farty' ME/CFS lady.....!!!
Your story and your journey is almost a mirror image of my own. But you have achieved all the things I have only dreamed of.
I put almost all my scarce energy into family stuff: ( I have 3 sons) ..but I have written almost every day of my 7 year illness. and I've returned to scribbling little sketches etc.
I love poetry, and I have to have a copy of 'Hatched' soon!!
Well done Corina. And thank you for sharing your art and thoughts.

Corina Duyn said...

Dear Bernadette

It is lovely to read your comment here and you are very welcome to come along on my 'flight on little wings'. At times an interesting and eventful journey!
If you like to order a copy if Hatched, I'll advice you to do it soon, as I only have a few copies left. See
Best wishes to you from this 'arty-farty- lady. I like that term!
By the way, Can you tell me more about the article as I wasn't aware of this.
Be good and a safe flight.

John said...

Phew ! what a drama. Thank God you're safe. Sounds really frightening. Hope you can get lots of help in clearing up and that you haven't lost too much to the fire.

Thinking of you (*)

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks John, All is well again. Nothing lost, but felt really shaking up by the experience. The morning after the chimney fire I walked aimlessly through the house not knowing where to start with cleaning up. In the end started at the cleanest room - my bedroom, and slowly made my way to the livingroom-kitchen. Took plenty of rest in between and friend Jane did the clear up in the kitchen - the worst looking.
Was lovely to wake up to clean house again the day after.
Glad tobe safe and hope the sound of the 'bang' and the view of the fire in the stove are hopefully soon to leave my brain.

thanks for the support and I hope to have time soon again to catch up with what's going on in your life.