Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dipping Toes...

During the past few months while exploring the possibilities of going to college- (see previous post) to study Disability Studies, it felt like I was dipping my toes into the water... testing the waters in a way. How right I was.
Anyway this is the sculpture "Dipping Toes" which I worked on during this time.
Since last week, when reality struck, I started working on two sculpture to reflect on my ride on the wave of enthusiasm and later being stuck in societies web...
So glad I have my creativity to make sense of mental challenges and dreams.

"Dipping Toes" (33x26x29cm) © Corina Duyn
"Dipping Toes" (detail) © Corina Duyn

ps... As always it is lovely to know that you stopped by to read my musing 
or follow my creative adventures. 
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Many thanks & Lots of love Corina


Ardmore Pottery said...

Corina - These are so beautiful . I was so angry after reading your previous blog . You are so right and brave to keep your creativity going - no petty rules or regulations can deprive you of that x x

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you so much Mary.
Creativity is a lifeline, the studio my sanctuary, a place without rules, a place of complete freedom.
Note for your diary: Exhibition of my work, and Pascale De Coninck, in Market House Art Centre 27 February-6 Arpil.