Saturday, July 12, 2014

Disability Pride

My goodness. Hardly doing any writing at the moment, no blogs, no book. It does not mean that I am not thinking about it... In my head I am working on my book. When I read, I come across quotes I would like to use. In my head I share so many observations with you all here on my blog. If only you could join me in my head! :-)

So, going to try to show up here again a bit more often.
For today I would like to share with you a few things that really made me laugh. Laughs about   wheelchairs and scooters. Inspirational for bringing a message across about the stigma and challenges of using a mobility aid.

"Lucille Power, a London-based disabled artist has dreamed up a fun project to shake up Brighton Pride on August 2nd: In a special performance, she wants to transform wheelchair users and riders of mobility scooters into 1960s mods and rockers for 'Lucille Power's Rev-in', in collaboration with London's legendary club night Duckie.
The performance sounds like so much fun - I am already looking forward to getting dressed up in studs and leather and dousing myself in hairspray (guess which one of the two I'm going to be?). The idea is to invest the history of mods and rockers with new meaning, and at the same time challenge the stigma that is attached to wheelchairs and other mobility vehicles - after all, we know that our wheels are rockin', so let's show some pride! "
for more see here on the excellent Disability Art Online website

These images just makes me want to go out and replicate this idea. Taking up all the parking spaces with wheelchairs! Surely THAT will get the message across to people abusing the wheelchair parking spaces?
"Wheelchair users found an original way to protest the abuse of disabled parking bays in Lisbon, Portugal. Weekenders that day (November 11) who attempted to park their car in a normal parking space outdoor Saldanha, Lisbon, saw all the usual places occupied by a wheelchair.

Wheelchairs had written messages on the back with messages like "I'll be back in 10 minutes", "I won't be long" or "I'm just having a coffee", the usual justifications for those not experiencing any physical limitation, who park their cars in places reserved for persons with disabilities.

Similar initiatives were carried out in the city of Vila Real (Portugal, in photographs) as well as in Boa Vista on Avenida Jaime Brazil, the National Day of Struggle for the Disabled." From

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Wish you all well!

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hayleyeszti said...

Words can't say how much I love this! I'm always talking with disabled friends on twitter about how frustrating it is when non-disabled people park in disabled parking bays, so I shall have to share this on there!