Wednesday, July 16, 2014

up-cycled wheelchair

Using my wheelchair more often, made me realize again, how "sweaty" the seat cover is. Rubbery/plastic. I thought of putting a cushion cover around the seat.
My friend Heike came to stay for the weekend and commented how all chairs look alike. Black. Boring. No personality. I agree, they are just functional mobility aids, nothing to get excited about... That was all about to change!
We up-cycled my chair (or to use a term used from an American TV program.. we pimped my chair)!
What fUN! 

a black wheelchair, just like any other
(the arms rests, already removed)

my contribution, painting

Up-cycling in progress

cushion cover make-over 

arms rests too hard...
but not for much longer

end result!
even the back is more exciting!
If you have your own ideas, or created a more exciting chair for yourself already... love to hear!

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hayleyeszti said...

What a fab idea! It looks great too as well as being functional. What a lovely friend for helping you with that :)

Corina Duyn said...

Looking forward to see what you will do with your chair!!