Friday, August 1, 2014

Beasts of Lismore, and other creative events

Some of the artistic events happening in Lismore this month:

I had the pleasure of meeting the artist Nicky Deeley recently in my home and studio. Nicky created an immersive experiential event involving the history, architecture, public spaces, and inhabitants of the village of Lismore. 
'The Beasts of Lismore' follows whispers of narrative trails and takes the audience on a mythical ramble through castles, follies, unfinished bridges, bottomless lakes,  mossy corners and windswept crags to find proof of the beasts existence... 
Follow the Beasts of Lismore's tracks with the self guided tour starting at St. Carthage Hall behind the Lismore Heritage Centre. Many locals, adults and children were involved in this project.
One of the "Beasts" is standing proud in my window for the duration of the event
Another creative event for the month of August is the Lismore Craft Collective a partnership between creative artisans with property owners who had vacant spaces for use. LISMORE CRAFT COLLECTIVE is the first iteration of this partnership and the first step in the Main Street Regeneration Initiative to bring life back to the heart of the town for locals and visitors alike.
The collective is made up five creative artisans from the region, JOAN CASEY – Mosaic & Felt Making, LEN CANTON – Leatherwork, JANE JERMYN – Ceramics, MORITZ SCHURMANN – Jewellery Design, and EUGENE YOUNG – Iona Crystal, each of whom will be displaying and selling their work, some which will be made while in residency. 

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