Saturday, August 30, 2014

Twenty minutes at the time

Learning, exploring, growing, twenty minutes at the time...

After a time of really doubting how I could possibly go further within the experience of worsening symptoms,  I had to peek into my bag of tricks again...  staying within my limits even if this seemed very, very tight.  Re-adjusting.  Again. Finding new ways.  Asking for more help.
It took a very long time to reach that point of acceptance again. I got there.

"Twenty Minute Bird" 44x30x20cm
 Corina Duyn 2014
During this time I started working on a bird sculpture. A freedom bird.  20 minutes at the time. It took me five months, but here she is. For now she is called my "Twenty minute Bird".  I am open to suggestions of a better title!
"Twenty Minute Bird"- detail Corina Duyn 2014

"Twenty minute bird" is available for €295, but with the understanding that the sculpture is available for the exhibition and book launches in September 2015
To reserve it, please email me

During the past few months I also kept trying to find ways to do my writing within the given limits. To be honest had given up on my book project about a month ago. I just couldn't do it.  The amount of work scared me.
I went back to Dechen Shying. Remember the place of extraordinary beauty and generosity?
After almost deciding not to travel, I was encouraged by Dechen Shying staff and friends to go. 
I did go, and so glad I did!
Dechen shying- from Room 4. Watching the ever changing light.
Again I found peace with my state of being.
Met some wonderful people.
Slept a lot. Rested even more, wrapped in a blanket, sitting in my beloved recliner chair in the conservatory, doors open, overlooking the ever-changing light over the sea.
And... to my great  relief,  I found a way to do my writing again.  Partially inspired by the people I met, and their reactions to my books and art; partly by the Prayer flags over to courtyard near the Shrine Room; partly as a reaction to a sculpture I had started (more about that some other time) but also because I was at ease with myself at this wonderful place in West Cork.

Thank you all who made this happen!
My deepest gratitude to you all! 

Prayer Flags over the courtyard by the Shrine Room
at Dzogchen Beara

I won't tell you as yet what the book is going to look like, but I am very excited and I am working on it most days, 20 minutes at a time.

ps. As I no longer have a Facebook or Twitter account (find it all too confusing...) but you think this Blog deserves to make a presence there, please feel free to link it on your page. Thank you!


hayleyeszti said...

The image of the water and mountains is stunning! What a beautiful place. I like your bird too!
I hope you are enjoying your weekend :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sculpture. Personally think the title 'the 20 minute bird' could stay as it is. It always amazes me what it's possible to achieve even when you can't do more than 20 minutes of any activity at once.

Corina Duyn said...

thnak you both for your kind comments.
I know you both very much understand, and live by the same kind of rules illness bestows on us.
Proud of both your blogs.

best wishes