Saturday, June 13, 2015

Crowd funding and being on the radio

What       a      Week!

Outside RTE, photo by Sarah Meehan

The last few weeks have been very busy indeed. Brendan - my media man- has been working hard to set up a facebook page, get the crowd funding proposal ready for my book project "Into the Light".  I helped where I could. We created a video about the project. We also made some changes to my website to make the art and photography galleries viewable on tablets and mobile phones ... and I was on the radio...

The Fund It crowd-funding page was launched yesterday,  to help me publish my Into the Light book.

The idea is that people who like my project can pledge money toward the printing of my book pages and the making of the boxes. There are various rewards in return:

  • Copies of my previous books,
  • A signed and numbered pre-publication copy of Into the Light in the wooden box,
  • One of the twelve special editions boxes, a linen covered case, made by Muckross Bookbindery,
  • Have YOUR name printed in my book, as acknowledgment of your support,
  • And there are a variety of original artworks and tapestries on offer.
The choice is yours. If it is €15 (books) or anywhere from €145 to €495 for one of my artworks, or for my latest sculpture Wisdom (€1500) Or add your own amount. I am grateful to all the support !

This is how it works:

  • Go to my :Fund:it page 
  • Click on the large :FUND:IT button, which bring to a page to 'sign in' with your email address.
  • Choose one of the 'rewards' on offer, or scroll down the define your own amount (for this there is no reward in return).
  • It will then ask for your payment details.
  • The money will only be deducted IF I HAVE REACHED THE TARGET, in the allotted 35 days.
  • If I have been successful, the reward you pledged for will be delivered to you, or will be ready for collection.
  • Many many thanks

A 'selfie' by Sarah. Outside RTE buildings

AND...  I was invited to do a radio interview with Sean O'Rourke as a result of the article that appeared in the Journal. I shared the interview with Sarah Meehan.

You can listen to it here

Many thanks to Brendan Holmes, Jennifer Wade -,  Sian O'Gorman - researcher RTE,  Sean O'Rourke - RTE and Declan Carroll from IMET (Irish ME Trust) for making this happen. And Sarah for sharing this interesting experience!

And thank you ALL!

My deepest gratitude to have you always by my side, even if that means in cyberspace!

This project has been supported by

The 12th June saw the start of a Crowd Funding Campaign to publish my next book 'Into the Light'. 
See FUND IT  or my WEBPAGE for more.

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