Saturday, July 11, 2015

A "How to" guide to Crowd Funding

To explain the workings of the crowd funding platform :fund:it for the likes of many of us who can get a little frazzled by these cyberspace adventures, I wrote a detailed step by step guide to pledge funds toward the printing of Into the Light...

  1. Click on to get to my Into the Light -Book in a Box page
  2. Click on the large :fund:it button, which is located under the video
  3. Log in or create an account (which asks for your email address; to make up a password, and your date of birth (to make sure you are not under age, I presume) 
  4. You are signed in 
  5. The list of rewards comes up on the right hand side of the page
  6. Choose one of the ‘rewards’ on offer
  7. Or scroll down to the green section below the rewards which says: "or define your own amount" (for this there is no reward in return), Make sure to click that you do not need a reward for this.
  8. Enter your payment details
  9. You can choose to have your name visible, or pledge anonymously
  10. Click Accept the ‘terms and conditions’
  11. Click on the :fund:it button to make your pledge
  12. A new page with the details of your pledge will show up.
  13. Click on this and you will get an email with your pledge details

The money will only be deducted if I reach the target in the allotted 35 days.
If I have been successful, the reward you pledged for will be delivered to you, or will be ready for collection.

It has been quite a journey into the unknown. Walking through the un-explored territories of Crowd Funding land…
It has been interesting, challenging, exciting, exhausting, heartwarming, and a little scary at times to see if I reach the target...
With 5 days to go, the amazing kindness of funders: friends- family- and strangers have raised a brilliant 75%. Of course I still hope and trust I will make it to the finishing line, to publish Into the Light.

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