Thursday, July 2, 2015

I am ready to hear you-Tapestry

At last!
A year and 6 months after starting this small tapestry I have it completed! 
Well, apart from tying up the warp treads and bringing it to the framers. 
It was a very PROUD moment to be honest, when I cut it off the loom.

"I am ready to hear you" © Corina Duyn 2015 (21x16 cm) 

For months, maybe a year, it stood beside my chair, waiting to be picked up and worked on. I was in too much pain to find a comfortable way to weave. Even with the brackets to attached the frame to the table. 

work in progress, or not...

But now I am using my wheelchair as my 'normal' chair and have the comfort of an amazing cushion, I became able to weave, ten or fifteen minutes at the time! 
I was able to finish it... and add it as an illustration in my soon to be published Into the Light book.

It will go with : 

When the pupil is ready the teacher will come.
Simon Barnes - How to be a Bad Bird Watcher 
(Variations accredited to Buddha, Zen, Tao)

is like a foreign country
I had
no intention
on visiting

Having no choice
I explore its geography
and learn its language

Hand in hand
with nature
my guide

this new world
to follow
my path

© Corina Duyn -Into the Light 2015

Although this tapestry is not officially on Fund It, You can pledge for it:
Log on to Fund It  
scroll down to below the rewards and at the option “define your own amount”
put in the €450, which is the cost of this artwork.
Please make sure to email me so I can note "I am ready to hear you" as SOLD, and take note of your name etc. 
Thank you!

The 12th June saw the start of a Crowd Funding Campaign to publish my next book 'Into the Light'. Click for more details on the Fund it link. Thank you!

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