Saturday, August 29, 2015


Book-Baby, sculpture in 'Into the Light' box
Bringing a creative project to a conclusion is almost as if you're about to give birth. On this occasion, giving birth to a "book-baby".

Last year August my friend Dolores and I talked about our book-ideas. Both were in the planning for years, but that day we both made a firm commitment to bring our ideas into life.
To really get "pregnant". To grow that seed of thought into reality.

You can say that writing a book comes with all the uncertainties of a pregnancy; will it grow full-term, what will it look like, will it be healthy, what do other people think, where will it be delivered, will it have a good life, will I be a good 'mother'...
(Deciding on design, paper, looks, size, who will publish it, who will print)

Into the Light - Corina Duyn & In the Veins - Dolores Ronayne

One year, and a lot of hard work later, we met to share the proofs of our labours.
We had a "Book-Baby-Shower" as it were. A celebration in anticipation of the real birth.

I know, it sounds far fetched, this baby-thing. but trust me, I have had this conversation with other self-published authors and artists. Being creative IS like bringing a child into the world. It has the essence of our very being. Our DNA.

Into the Light is now a reality.
500 'babies' have been born.
It will be officially launched in a week's time at Dzogchen Beara

In the Veins will be launched in Dungarvan on the 10th September.

Both 'book-babies' are embarking on a new adventure, a new life.

All my 'Book-Babies'

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