Sunday, August 2, 2015

Almost there

pages from Into the Light
The last edit! At least until I meet my mentor Grace Wells and proof reader Pascale De Coninck on Wednesday.
I read through all the pages - again- and - again- and looked at all the images. Changed some that did not come out too clear on the proofs, some where another photo or artwork just would work better with the quote and my text.
The pages you see on the photo are the back of the sheets which has my thoughts on it. And a small image taken from the front of that sheet. I was trying to work out the sequence. Although there really is no sequence. THAT is up to the reader!!

I must say I am was "little" overwhelmed by everything that I need to do for the launches in September. Suddenly there are deadlines to be met. The boxes needed to be ordered as it take a few weeks to have them made. The printing needs to be done, which of course requires editing first. 
Who will be the guest speaker at the launches... Invitations to create and later post out. Press releases to write and send out. ISBN or not? Contacting all the funders to my Fund It campaign, and post out rewards...The list is seemingly endless.

BUT, I made the list. Which I was then able to divide the tasks up in the weeks when they really need to be done. I was able to see who can help me with which task. 
It is all a little more manageable now.

And at the same time, It is all SO exciting. And the emails, and personal words from well wishers is never ending.

All good!
Thank you!!

You can order your own signed and numbered copy.
Wooden box €30. Orders placed before the 15th August will be posted free of charge. 
After the 15th €37 Ireland, €38.50 Rest of the world.
Linen special edition of 12, €120. Free postage to anywhere in the world.
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