Tuesday, December 15, 2015

moving on

A new year is almost upon us. For me that seems to be more than just the start of 2016. After finishing working on my Into the Light project I am ready for my new year...
As I see it, any creative project is just a moment in time, and time has moved on.

The pages and artworks which I created over the past three years or more, all have their story to tell. They helped me to 'figure things out', to bring me further along my path. Most needs to stay in my company for a while so I can fully take in their message.
Now, most are ready to move on, and live with someone who might need their presence more than I do, at this point in time.

I feel I have entered a new phase of my healing, a new departure in my adventure through illness- through life. I am ready to move on. Making room for the new...
Therefor, most of the remaining sculptures are available for any reasonable offer. Preferable offers of about 50% of the original price (to cover material and some of my time), but if money really is an issue and you can tell me why any particular sculpture needs to be in your life, please DO let me know, and maybe we can come to some arrangement that is acceptable to us both.
I do however would like to have any cost of postage covered.
Contact me

Some of the sculptures:
See more on my web page  or here where the available works are noted in bold text.

Wishing you all a wonderful year ahead, and thank you so much for being with me throughout these past years.

Into the Light



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