Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rejuvenate - breathe new life into...

Make (someone or something) look or feel better, younger, or more vital
(Oxford Dictionary) 

One last glimpse of Rejuvenate © Corina Duyn 2012
During the last weeks of 2015,  I had a great desire to start the year ahead afresh, with new ideas -  new possibilities- new opportunities. I like new starts- new days - Mondays and once a year the big one: A Whole New Year in front of me. The Joy of it!

One of my desires was the de-cluttering of my website. After weeks of preparation on my part, with the help of tech-man-Brendan the change over was successfully completed at the Eve of the New Year! I was ecstatic... It was like having all Christmases and all Birthdays come together. Please bring it a visit and let me know what you think?

Another wish was/is to make room in my head, and actual space in my studio for the creation of new work. In order to do this I have a sale of some sculptures. 'Rejuventate' was the first to be sold. And how appropriate is that! At the last day of the year, she was asked to come and live in the UK, with J and S. Thank you!
To me this is hugely significant: 
  • make young again
  • breathe new life into
  • rekindle

Rejuvenate (detail) © Corina Duyn 2012
It was actually quite a challenge to let 'her' (sculpture) go. Some works are like babies.  Some take on a significant role in healing and growth. Rejuvenate was/is one of these. And yet it is also liberating to let her go, as it truly 'breathes new life into' my own life.
Creativity continues to surprise me!
packing up Rejuvenate
Rejuvenate ready to go
The new theme I think has to do with dance- in all its formats.
Watch this space!

One 'goal' for this year too, is to write more on my blog again- about creativity- about disability- about nature- about life- about who/what inspires me, and everything in between.

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With every best wish for YOUR new year.


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