Friday, January 22, 2016

"Care-Edition" of Into the Light for care centres hospitals and hospices

Dear friends,

In response to readers of Into the Light book-in-a-box I have created an edition which would be suitable for use in: 
  • Care Centers
  • Hospitals
    • main areas, and or clinics
  • Hospices
  • Rehab centres
  • Waiting rooms of 
    • GP Surgeries
    • Complementary Practitioners
  • Patient support centres,  for example MS, Arthritis etc
  • Occupational Therapy clinics/ Physio Therapy clinics
  • Disability organisations
  • Mental Health clinics
All the pages have been individually laminated in high quality pouches in order to be disinfected, if required. The newly designed Box has also been treated in order to be cleaned.

The makers of the box, Designed4U, have kindly offered some discount to bring this product to the people who might benefit from reading Into the Light, and I am financing a part of this edition too.
For the remainder of the cost, I am looking for sponsors to help me bring this version to any of the care centers mentioned above.
You can do this buy clicking on the Buy Now Button.

  • The cost is €40, (Postage is kindly paid for by anonymous donor)
  • You, the sponsor, can decide where the book should be posted to.
  • If you wish, your name will be mentioned on the title page, including a personal message, if you like. Please add these details on the paypal form. 

  • The sets are made to order, so it might take me a few days to laminate the sheets, varnish the box, and get it ready for posting.
  • I will keep a list here on my blog of where the boxes have been posted to. 

  • Many, many thanks for your vision and kindness to bring this book into settings where people living with illnesses gather, or are being treated, or supported.

    My deepest gratitude, and wishing you all the best.


    Care Edition of 'Into the Light' by Corina Duyn

    Care Edition of 'Into the Light' by Corina Duyn
    (back of box)

    Care Edition of 'Into the Light' by Corina Duyn
    View of pages in the box - Viewer can 'flick' through them

    Care Edition of 'Into the Light' by Corina Duyn
    Laminated sheets can be taken out for further reading

    Care Edition of 'Into the Light' by Corina Duyn
    laminated pages

    The other versions of Into the Light and previous books are available from my bookshop

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