Thursday, February 4, 2016

Nature is an incredible teacher.

Nature is an incredible teacher.  We are meant to revere her, to listen to her in awe and to become part of her.

Writes Ingrid Bacci in  The Art of Effortless Living

I believe so too.
Nature has been, and is, my guide to understand life.
To understanding life with illness.
To understand healing.

Yesterday I had a wonderful meeting with spiritual healer Bryan Barret. The session was at a friend's complementary therapy clinic, a bit closer to home. (see links below)

Bryan commented how important is it for me to listen to the gentleness of nature...
As it happened, my friend had a copy of Into the Light  book-in-a-box  open on her table in the waiting room with this page on display:



Into the Light book in a box available from my bookshop

A very kind donor, who wish to remain anonymous has offered to cover all postage cost for Into the Light books, for a limited time
My deepest gratitude. 
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