Thursday, February 4, 2016

The amazing kindness of a stranger to benefit many 

The amazing kindness of strangers...

Yesterday I received an email with the heart warming offer that all postage cost for Into the Light book orders will be taken care of by this person. (For limited time only)

This means a saving for every book ordered for yourself,
or for a care setting of your choice.

Due to the nature of the book, with its heavy, high quality loose pages in a wooden box -  or care-settings version with laminated pages in a bigger box - the cost of postage ranges between €7.50 and €18.50, depending on the destination.

So the kindness of this one person,
who asked for anonymity,

is of benefit to many future readers.

My heart glows, and grows, with the thought that there are people in this world who so much value the message in this book, that they devised a way to remove the obstacle of high postage cost. Ensuring that Into the Light can make it to the right person and/or care settings.

There are four editions of Into the Light to suit every reader:
  • The main version: The wooden box €30
  • The Care-Setting Box with laminated pages and varished box €40
  • A very special limited edition of 12: A linen wrap around made by Muckross Bookbindery €95
  • A set of pages in a special envelop (no box) €20

My deepest gratitude to the kindness of strangers.
With every best wish to you all,


a sample page of my book, and how it is used 

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