Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sanctuary Launch

During the summer of 2015 I had the pleasure to finally visit the Sanctuary in Dublin.
I had looked at it online for a few years, but am very rarely in Dublin...

It exceded all expectations.
It is beautiful.
It is tranquil.
A place of peace, amidts the busy city centre.

The garden is stunning.
The meditation rooms imaginative and peaceful.

I had the pleasure to be shown around by Johanne, meet the staff and Sr. Stan, founder of the Sanctuary. Stan is a woman who's vision I greatly admire and her writing speaks to my heart.
Some of the quotes from her books are in Into the Light.

It is with great pleasure that in a few days time I will be back at the Sanctuary,
Sr. Stan will introduce the book and I will give a little talk about
books, writing, illness, art, boxes, and solitude... 
and how everything all seems to link together.

I hope you can join us
All details for the launch see here 

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