Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Reflections on the celebration and book launch at the Sanctuary in Dublin

view from the small meditation room into the larger space
where the launch was held.
The celebration and launch of Into the Light at the Sanctuary is one event I won't forget for while. I received so much support: Jane who brought me there and supported me over the weekend, from J. who kindly sponsored our stay, and all the staff and Sr. Stan at the Sanctuary, and friends who supported me in their thoughts, helped me to pack books, and baked gorgeous cookies. My deepest gratitude to all.  

On Friday we took 'part-ownership' of the beautiful meditation room with it's vibrant blue wall and stain glassed windows, to display some of my sculptures and hang one of the sets of the 'flags' (pages from my book in a box)
Saturday was the actual launch. Again welcomed with open arms. The Sanctuary is really that, a sanctuary of tranquility and kindness.

There was a lovely groups of people for this event. The conversations about the book and all things related to life with illness were already being discussed before the actual talks. Very interesting indeed.

Sr. Stan, the founder of the Sanctuary started the official proceedings by telling the guests about the Sanctuary and that this afternoon "... was an opportunity to launch an extraordinary book. An extraordinary useful publication.
In many ways it is a journey of a soul, which is the story of somebody who has lived with chronic illness for 17 years, and through that has gained extraordinary insight into the world.... Into disability area in the first place..." Telling a little about my year of Disability Studies and finding that there was little about the experience of illness/disability and how my deteriorating health at the time of writing the book, dictated the final format of loose sheets in a box.
Sr. Stan and myself...

The voice recording of the talk is available at the bottom of this page 

"[Into the Light] is not just an ordinary book, it is a deeply spiritual, inspirational work. 
The story of challenges overcome through courage; the story of fear overcome by hope, the story of darkness overcome by light, and that comes right through, it is really really inspirational. It makes for an extraordinary presentation."

"The loose sheets - all aspects of image, quote and reflection are all connected.  It is accessible for the reader, inviting them to participate." Sr. Stan said about the pages: "It doesn't need my words . They speak for themselves."
It was lovely to see and hear Sr. Stan reading some of the pages from the book as it looked like she almost forgot that she was reading them for others to hear; she seems to be taking in the images afresh every time. Thank you!
Reading the page with the quote of the Buddha, Sr. Stan concluded that "Corina discovered her world and has illuminated that for others."

It was then my turn to talk. I started with my background and move to Ireland, the first indications about being ill, and how I had to learn to find my way in this new world. To take ownership of my life, to learn from nature, to use my creativity and how in the very recent past I am starting to be more comfortable to share my experiences more hands on- through the puppet workshop, the talk at UCC and now at the Sanctuary.

The voice recording of the whole talk is available at the bottom of this page 

Afterwards I had some great, but all to short, conversations with guests in a more private capacity, and it looks like some new opportunities may arise from this event. 

I am deeply honoured to have had to opportunity to be part of the Sanctuary 
for a few hours on a wet and rather cold April day.

Puppet Johnny joined us at the launch too!
"Be Still and Know".

Into the Light and my other books are available from my shop


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