Friday, September 30, 2016

HATCHED by Corina Duyn re-hatched as E-Book

Creative adventures have a funny way to go around in spirals.
(And there I was, calling my last exhibition 'Full Circle'...)

Ten years ago I published my first book Hatched.
It was the pivotal point of my then eight year long adventure of learning to live with illness.

I truly believed at the time that when this book was published, that I could put these eight years on the (book)shelf and get on with my real life, i.e. a life without illness.

Ten years have passed since then. I have not recovered in the 'normal' sense of the word, but I am well in lots of other ways. Life is not as I had planned, but I am having a very interesting life all the same.
I write, I sculpt, I take photographs. I love my garden, love my studio, my house, my friends, life...

During this decade I had many challenges with ill health, but nothing is stagnant. Bad (energy) days do pass. Illness days do pass. Not fast or with full recovery, but there usually is a light at the end of the tunnel to be found.

So, creative spirals.

During the past decade I had several exhibitions and published three more books. Cirrus Chronicles - Landing in Ballynelligan (a fairy tale much loved by adults), Flying on Little Wings (a tiny book with words of wisdom from the birds), and most recently (exactly a year ago) Into the Light (a book in a box).
More details about all my books see HERE.

HATCHED- re-hatched E-Book 
The book-publishing-spiral in this case is that Hatched, my very first book, is now available as E-BOOK! I called it HATCHED -rehatched

For me this is a big step. To go from creating very tactile, and handmade books, to something that is only viewable on a computer or tablet...
One of the reasons is that Hatched is pretty much out of print. There are a few books here and there, but reprinting it as a 'normal' book is very expensive, and maybe this new format will actually reach a whole new audience.

I am immensely grateful to what Hatched has brought to my life. Through it I made contact with people all over the world. A very welcome 'side-effect', when living a life which is often lived in (near) solitude.

If you interested to download the HATCHED re-hatched E-Book (PDF) you can do so on my website, where there are also a few sample pages. The slightly edited book has 184 pages, full of images and very short observations. Suitable for all those who can only read for a few minutes. (Been there- done that!)

The introductory offer is €3.99.

Some reviews:

  • Hatched is one of the most energetic, generous-hearted, sharp minded and inspiring book of poems I’ve read for quite a while. No matter at what page I open the book, I find a love of life, an appreciation of life, and a vibrant sense of privilege and gratitude. … Illness has somehow endowed Corina with the ability to conduct a dialogue with reality. She turns fragility into strength, disability into freedom, and confusion into beautiful normality. Poet Brendan Kennelly
  • “Great day for a walk” – is not just a greeting, but a celebration for the human spirit. Hatched deserves an international audience, and merits a place on best-seller lists. Liam Murphy, Munster Express
  • It is beautiful. Really beautiful. It gives me courage. Dianne Mawhood
  • The lesson of this deeply personal yet emphatic diary that is Hatched is that you don’t have to get ME to embrace them. Christy Parker, Dungarvan Observer
  • This is something really special and uplifting. Interaction Magazine I found tears rolling down my cheeks- tears of both empathy and relief. Corina has shared her experiences in a simple, beautiful, and human way. Sue Page
  • Corina Duyn is living proof of the adage that you can’t keep a good woman down. Deirdre O’Flynn, Irish Examiner
The Flight Path documentary by Katie Lincoln about the making of Hatched, can be viewed here

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