Saturday, September 24, 2016

The story of apples

I have two apples trees in my front garden. One, the nearest to the road is this gorgeous "Katie" variety with these tempting red apples.

Even weeks before they are ripe, people can't seem to resist picking them off the tree... I have seen people walk away with handfuls... and then throw them away as they are still too hard to eat.

So, I put up a note :
These apples are not ripe yet, so please don't pick them. And when they are ripe, would you please be so kind to ASK before picking them?"
Another option was: "Remember what happened to Adam and Eve?"

This turned into a topic of conversation among the many walkers along my road (which leads to the Lady Louisa's walk) I watched many people (tourists) take photographs. And I had some lovely conversations with these Lismore visitors.

As a direct result of these apples and note, a German couple came in to see my art and books and we had a very interesting chat about art and puppets. The man was Mask-Performer  . I have met Americans, English, Swiss, and of course Irish. Some have visited my studio and went way with more books, as well as apples.

Some other visitors, many might not enjoy, but I welcome them.

These wasps have build a beautiful nest inside a bird-nesting-box near the tree. I found a cleaned out apple on the ground. They devoured all the flesh, but left the skin and the core. I thought it to be a work of genius!

There is a very short video of the wasps in action.
(Sorry for slightly shaky appearence, it is not your eyes, but my not so steady legs.)
Wasps eating apple from Corina Duyn on Vimeo.

Now that they are ripe I have them up on the wall,
and again I am meeting some lovely people as a result.

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