Sunday, November 5, 2017

Little Wings Books and Prints offers for Christmas 2017

“Corina has a great capacity to help others with her work.”  
Tobi Zausner, PhD, LCSW, Writer and Therapist. USA

To share the wisdom of the many authors quoted in 
Into the Light
there is a 20% cashback offer on the cost of books* and prints
on orders placed during November 2017.
Or 10 % between 1-15 December.

(*all Corina Duyn's books
Offers in form of refund via paypal)
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Into the Light - book in a box

Into the Light is not just an ordinary book, it is a deeply spiritual, inspirational work. The story of challenges overcome through courage; the story of fear overcome by hope, the story of darkness overcome by light, and that comes right through it. It makes for an extraordinary presentation.”  
Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy. Social innovator and Author
“The words in this book – Into the Light- are from the heart. They are realisations - rather than ideas. They are a beautiful kind of resource…"
Author Michael Harding
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Other available books through this offer areSnapshots; Cirrus Chronicles; Flying on Little Wings; Life Outside the Box.

Into the Light  Prints
A selection of 24 limited edition A4 Prints with quotes and images from Into the Light. 

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