Thursday, November 30, 2017

Puppets on national television

Every three months, for just one minute, the Life Outside the Box puppets 

are to be seen on Irish National television, during the People's Angelus:

The one minute daily reflective Angelus broadcast on RTÉ One is one of Ireland's longest-running programmes, having been aired daily at 6.00pm since the inception of RTÉ television in 1962.
Ireland has changed enormously over that time and the nature of the broadcasts has changed with it. 
They are now changing again. Since October 2015 New commissioned films create a reflective space for all in the peak-time schedule…  In addition to these commissioned professional films, RTÉ One has designated one slot per week, on Fridays at 6pm, as The People’s Angelus slot.

Still from the Life Outside the Box film, with puppets playing music and dancing.
Still from the Life Outside the Box film
A year on from the project and I am still in awe with the responses to the project and film from the general public, the media, and anyone remotely interested in puppetry, disability, healing arts, creativity, or just a good story.

Thank you all!!

As you can read on the Puppet Blog, the Life Outside the Box project, which I facilitated with my then fellow members of the Irish Wheelchair Association, has been screened in Canada, in our local cinema, and will be screened during the Together! Festival in London on the 9th December. (2:45pm)

It also has also been the catalyst to give talks, and be invited to give future talks at puppet symposium (Cork), conference (Calgary, Canada) and festival (Nottingham).
It brought me back to teaching in my studio and via distant learning, and has been instrumental to the development of my own creative work, like the Reflection Project.

What a journey I am on, and what amazing company I have met along the way.

Still from the Life Outside the Box film, with puppet in front of disability box and beside a wheelchair
Johnny Dwyer, the Puppet Reporter of the Life Outside the Box Crew 

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