Saturday, March 17, 2018

Thanks to your understanding and support I can continue to share my story

And so the journey continues
and starts for real on Wednesday.

My deepest gratitude to all of you who made this happen.
UK, here we come!

Póilin puppet says Thank You Corina Duyn to Nottingham Puppet Festival
Póilin says Thank You

What an amazing few weeks it has been.
Two and a half weeks ago I received an email with the disappointing news that I was refused funding from a government and council funded Arts organisation to go on the Biggest Creative Journey of my life. To develop my Arts Practice.  But it brought out the best in all of you. 
Thank you.
I have yet to receive a response to my email in which I expressed my disappointment and asked for feedback.

Many of you truly understood the hugely significant opportunity to share my explorations of illness/disability through art and puppetry, and to engage with many others involved in puppetry and disability. To share, to learn, and to share again.

My brother Kees and his wife Janet, and some friends suggested I'd start a Crowd Funding Campaign. I was hesitant as I know we all struggle to keep our finances in tact. Also, I did not have the energy to embark on exploring the usual crowd funding platforms. Time on the computer has been severely curtailed the past 6 weeks or so, due to being ill (more ill than normal). And I had to write my presentations.  But, I thought, I could perhaps make a page on my website.

Oh boy, did you all come out with such kindness and understanding.

I received 50 donations and book orders to date. And thereby reaching my basic target, to have funds to pay for accommodation and one meal a day. THANK YOU. 
But besides the funding, I also received such amazing emails, and letters, and cards, and messages. Others shared my story on social media. And in doing so brought awareness of the challenges of living with M.E.
My goodness, you all truly warmed my heart.

I was in tears by every notification. I am in tears now, while writing this.

Tears from gratitude.

  • I was interviewed on The world in View in which Bernadette and Stan Philips were supportive of my journey and were very disappointed that I did not receive funding. They highlighted M.E., and being an advocate for M.E. through M.E. Advocates Ireland . They highlighted disability, the power of art, and of course the travels to the UK.
  • And by by Emily Ahern from the Avondhu Newspaper.
  • Rachel Reeves contacted me for an article for the Nottingham Puppet Festival: The Power of Puppetry.
  • And Greg Crowhurst made a (tribute) video to celebrate the making of his puppet through distant learning: Here comes Johnny which is a celebration and the power of sharing the art of puppetry to bring people out of isolation.

Avondhu newpaper, page 22, 15-3-2018. Emily Ahern
Avondhu newpaper, page 22, 15-3-2018. Emily Ahern


I am ready to go.
As ready as I will ever be.

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With every best wish, and thank you So much for coming along on my journey.

UK dates:
  • Both are Free events, but tickets can be booked in advance 
  • Talk in connection with Puppet Place Bristol 29th March - details to be anounched  

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