Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apreciate life when you can

Just watched an amazing documentary about Stuart Manag,
Stuart was paralysed from the head down, but decided he had a life to live.
A truly remarkable young man.
It makes you appreciate life in every way you can!

For me, right now, that is writing and photographing, or is it photographing and writing about the photographing....
I was watching the acrobatics of the wasp-like hover flies, when they tried to get the nectar from the borage flowers. Many of its petals were 'resting' on the patio slabs. For the flies to get into the petal, it looked like hover-flies had to fly upside down, or at least 'lie on their back' to get close. Fascinating stuff... Well, I think so anyway.
Even Buttons - (Robert Cat's friend) thought is of interest ...
... after he had a good sniff at the catnip! :-)

And so the day passes by.

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