Friday, August 13, 2010

A little holiday

After a busy few weeks, in all sorts of ways,
I treated myself to a little break.
Where else, then at the grounds of the Murdoch University.

After a meditation at the Japanese garden on the floating patio,
I decided to go for a swim.
The beauty of this Second Life is, that no energy is required,
and there is no need to get changed into a swiming tugs, you don't get wet!
I swam among the fishes and coral reef to inspect the treasure chest
left on the bottom of the sea.
Touching the red coral will bring you to the Da Vince garden.
Didn't go there this time...

... I came for a rest!
My towel was waiting for me on the lovely sandy beach,
with the relaxing sound of a crackling fire.

Life is good!

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