Tuesday, April 5, 2011

just a thought...

Am I the only one who thinks this? Am I just being paranoid, or does this thought stem from the time I worked with people with intellectual disabilities and was conscious of the fact that they had to look clean as they got enough "looks" already...?

If I go out in public on my scooter, or with a walking stick in dirty clothes (say- some stains on jeans and dirt on a t-shirt)- am I looked at as "leaving myself go"; "suffering from depression"; "not being able to look after myself"?

If a healthy person (physically able) person goes out in dirty clothes it just shows that he/she has been busy...

We probably were engaged in a similar pursuit: gardening (albeit both in our own ways.)

What do you think?


visualsandverbals said...

If it be paranoia then I consider paranoia a natural state to be in - necessary to survival - people were/are always making these kind of judgements about each other - the only difference I find is being ill makes one more sensitive and being more sensitive one notices these things more - before being ill I would have let them pass, or not even recognised them - There is actually a mis-interpretation about this word paranoia - being sensitive to what is going on about one is not paranoia but simply
...being sensitive. A good state to be in I'd say! Hope you are keeping as well as can be expected ;)) jwb

Bernadette said...

Hello Corina. You are not paranoid. I think you are probably right. But I think we definitely become acutely alert to issues that pertain to our current state......whatever it may be.
I love your garden! Mine is only a 'baby garden' yet.....but it and intend to flourish!!
I broke my foot end of last week, so I'm even more immobile now. Interesting how this new degree of restriction has made my original state of lack of independence look more attractive:))!
Take care. Bernadette.

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you John abd Bernadette for sharing your thoughts, and for others who wrote about their thoughts on the matter on my Facebook page.

Paranoia- like you both say, it is more a case of heigthened sensitivity, and I think my work experience of 20 years ago plays a role. We never wanted anyone to go out the door in a dirty shirt or so, as people would only stare even more at our brilliant and corageous clients.

Thanks for the sharing!
Be good!!