Friday, April 15, 2011

Clever Snail

I know, I wrote about the Taking Flight blog
 that it would be hard to kill snails 
after reading the book sound of a wild snail eating. 

I would like to eat beans in a while to come... 
I do not grow beans to entertain the snails...
So.. I put some snail pellets down 
to kill me "friends"

To deter my cat Robert
 from seeing the lovely fresh compost
 as a place to "poop" 
I covered the raised bed with sticks...

It helped to "fight off" Robert

A very clever snail walked
 along those sticks
leaning down
he munched on the tiny leaves

I saw it with my own eyes


di said...

where ? where ? i can't see it .

Corina Duyn said...

Hi di.. sorry to have brilliantly confused you.. I'd seen the snail, but had it 'disposed off' (as in send it flying out of my greenhouse) before I got the camera...

I likes this picture as the little seedling stands so proud with its' "arms" wide open, as if to say..."Here I am!"