Friday, April 22, 2011

Will you join me on a little tour of my garden?

not much up to writing, but would like to share with you a little tour of my garden. 
not a bad place to spend a day resting

My back garden, seen from the bench I lie on. The far corner on the left is my 'zen corner number 1'

I was given this frog for my birthday. I was told to kiss it at times, 
"You never know what could happen," said Marga, the bearer of this gift

the start of the creation of 'Zen corner number 2'

isn't she beautiful?

flowers of the euphorbia. 
Almost sounds like euphoria!

I wish I could post the scent too, of this gorgeous apple blossom 

A bouquet of flowers- created by nature

Why go anywhere else?

"Proud to be here!" It seems to say, The flower is HUGE!

A sea of forget me not's one for all of you. XX

A welcome visitor

Clearing some weeds, this enormously long worm came up fora  bit of air.

That's the end of today's tour. I'll hope you'll drop by again soon.
Was lovely to have your company.


Johann said...

What a lovely collection of pictures really like the worm! Sorry I missed the book launch, I hope it is going well.

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks Zan,
book launch was a lovely event. read all about it on the blog and I hope to show you the book(s) in the 'flesh' so to speak, soon!

Bernadette said...

Hi Corina,
Hope you are feeling a little better.
I have been enjoying your and my gardens today. I too have been wondering why this illness has such a cruel nature. What the hell is it testing in us?
I have been so dizzy and fatigued over the past few weeks. Still like you I will not give in or stay still.
Take care Corina...

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you for stopping by Bernadette.
I hope you are feeling better when youg et to read this. Illness is cruel indeed!
We won't give in, but go with what we are given.

lots of love