Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Artist Doll"

"Little Leek"
© Corina Duyn '11
Remember the leeks in my garden?
The leeks that weren't eaten and were allowed to grow to whatever height they wished?
They grew. They grew some more... People stopped to look at them and commented about this little patch of wonder in my front garden. Overall there were about 20 leeks. See here for more photos
I loved every stage of them, the emerging pod, the shell slowly turning into "paper" and finally showing the flowers they had been hiding.
After heavy wind, and the start of colder weather, I had to cut them back. To my surprise new tiny leeks had started to grow at the base of it's taller parent.

Many of the long stems with flowery heads are now drying in my studio. I used one as a "swing" for a little doll. "Little Leek" She is about 20cm tall (seated on the leek flower), overall the art-piece is about 60cm tall. (she's just been sold, and is going to live near the seaside)
All my work, including this one, is a one-of-a-kind Artist Doll.
"Little Leek"
© Corina Duyn '11
Emerging leek flower
© Corina Duyn '11
See Here for a handmade artist book with follows the story of Little Leek

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