Monday, January 30, 2012


In general I like what I create as I thoroughly enjoy the process of making. I am always curious to how a sculpture, a drawing, weaving, a book will turn out.
Sometimes I am overwhelmed by what I am presented with.

© Corina Duyn '12
When the building of my studio became a reality, I had to make some changes in my garden to accommodate the entrance to the studio. One of the plants I had to remove was a Buddleia shrub- a Butterfly Bush. 
The root that was exposed was so beautiful that I hid it in my greenhouse out of fear it might be thrown out during a clean up of my garden. The root reached out a great distance.

A few weeks ago I used it as a base for a sculpture. I "attached" the root to piece of bark I found in my studio (obviously saved from being burned in the stove, but had forgotten about it!) 

About two weeks ago I attended an introduction workshop about Art Therapy, with the idea that this would be the first step towards finally fulfilling my dream to become an Art Therapist- a route I had chosen just before becoming ill over 13 years ago. The session was very interesting but it took more energy than I had, I had been standing too long and was in severe pain for days afterwards. I also realised that I had more healing to do of my own...
My dream squashed, but it also brought clarity, I know what I need to do.

The following morning I was feeling pretty awful, but as I thought about the communication with a friend about using our creative energy for our own healing, I decided to go into the studio. The piece that 'screamed' for my attention was the root sculpture.
I had great difficulty getting the face to work, to reveal itself to me out of the clay. My co-ordination was compromised. But I persevered... Suddenly she was there.

Detail "Metamorphosis"
© Corina Duyn '12
That afternoon and over the next few days I worked on her skirt, hair and shirt and hands. I had dyed (in tea) some rope which I had split into single 'threads' to use as a skirt. The shirt is lace which I glued on with the fabric hardener. The hair is a clump of moss I had found on a wall a few days ago. It had fallen of an old roof in a perfect bubble.

Lying on the couch, this sculpture in the making, standing on the mantle piece to dry, I was overwhelmed but it. I stared at it for ages, in silence. Sometimes my work really gets me, this one did. 

I considered if I would paint her eyes, but I decided that she should be able to look out into the world.

She is rooted and grounded. She metamorphosed from being in safe grounds into it's own little person. "Solid, but light and free", as a friend commented. "With roots like that she can grow."
The fact that the root was from a "Butterfly Bush" makes it all the more poignant... to me anyway!

I am honoured to have made her acquaintance.

ps... As always it is lovely to know that you stopped by to read my musing and follow my creative adventures. It would make my day if you leave a comment... preferably here, on the blog...? Many thanks & Lots of love Corina


Sue Page said...

Great Corina! I love art and nature being mixed together.x

Corina Duyn said...

Thanks Sue!
Have just (almost) finished another piece with wood and clay...
Watch this space!

XX Corina

di said...

she is lovely. i am delighted by the idea that she is safely and soundly rooted while being given, by that, her freedom to grow .she has the heart of a butterfly

Corina Duyn said...

Thank you Di!

The heart of a butterfly, how lovely!
XX Corina

Corina Duyn said...

A comment from 'Linda' on Metamorphosis's Facebook appearance which I would like to share with you here:
""Interesting that the first 2 letters in Metamorphosis are ME..which also creates a transformation...a time of a renewal of self. Love the sculpture and the concept"